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Obtaining Vibram 5 Finger KSO

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  • Obtaining Vibram 5 Finger KSO

    Where can I get a pair of the KSO's???? Not one store here has them in stock, even the website says they are out of stock. I didn't realize they were this popular. Does anyone have any tips on securing a pair for myself?

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    Vibram website

    Hi Mav -

    Me too! I'd love to try a pair. Did you see this store locator page?

    - Wngdwolf
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      I bought my KSO's about a month ago at I'm a men's size 42, which is also out of stock almost everywhere. Good luck, they are awesome shoes.


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        I got mine off the website several weeks ago. I like them. I sure hope they are durable and last, because I am wearing them daily now.


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          Good luck with it. I stalked every shop on the 'net that I could to find a pair (Men size 42) and it's been impossible

          Yesterday the VFF main site had the black/black in my size in stock. You can bet I ordered them immediately!

          Tip? Just keep checking.


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            I have a pair of KSOs I bought a while ago - just last night was finally able to order some classics from the website - they get new stock every month so keep checking!


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              I just bought a pair of women's size 41 spints, in spite of the fact that the men's KSO's were a lot more comfortable. The women's don't allow for as much freedom of movement in the toes as the men's KSO's did. (I chose the sprints because they were black). Question: if I were to order a pair of men's KSO's, would the size 41 be equivalent to women's 41? Is a 41 a 41 lengthwise that is, with a bit extra room in the width?
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                REI has them in stock. I went and tried a pair on just for fun. They're also a lot cheaper than anywhere else I've seen - $80!
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