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    Originally posted by ConnorBryant View Post
    Incidentally, how much of a role do you all think Discipline/Willpower plays in your adherence/.starting of a primal/paleo diet?
    It's kind of my research focus and focus of my blog.
    So, I'm genuinely curious. Let me know...
    Well... I don't think willpower plays much of a part, honestly. Before I went Primal, hunger could be almost painful. Now it's... ignorable. I know I'm hungry, I know I could eat something, but I can easily say 'later' if I don't want to for some reason. Things that would have sucked me in before have no allure now.

    The main place where willpower comes into play is when someone brings something into the house I really like. But if it's gluten free, I usually just make it my 20%. Gluten treats I usually just pass on by, the only exceptions being holidays. And even then I don't have some crappy cookie, I have a piece of an amazing cake from a local bakery, or a cupcake my sister made. I never eat low quality bad stuff anymore. If I'm going off primal, it's for amazing things. I suppose my bar for temptation has been raised in general.
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      Haha. Yeah knifegill, know exactly what you mean about scaring boring people.
      As paleo becomes more and more mainstream though, what's PLAN B for scaring boring, normal people?

      I'm waiting to get funding/backing to do some research into the specific effects of meat on changes to mental health/personality (changes in focus, intensity, discipline etc). Liver would be an interesting variable to throw into the mix...

      Wilrose. Gotcha. But starting out must have been pretty willpower intensive yeah?


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        Any beginners here who struggle with willpower? Or all into the "got it handled" phase?


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          Re willpower I think there is a new dynamic at work in paleo eating because we focus on the most nutritious foods (IMO) so the more of that you eat, the less hungry you are, hence willpower is less necessary by default.

          Its no wonder that so many people are confused regarding diets and are having emotional problems associated with food - because of misinformation. If you can address this, as the paleo diet does, then willpower is no longer quite so relevant when it comes to controlling your diet. You are able to rely on hunger mechanisms again, the body can regulate itself.

          A lot of people when starting out on paleo, have been used to controlling their hunger all their lives, and the transition is being able to eat the approved foods according to hunger, which can actually be a lot of eating in the initial stages, whilst your body accesses the nutrients it may have been starved of for years - saturated fats would be a good example here.
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