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Sleep: 8h or 6/2 split?

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  • Sleep: 8h or 6/2 split?

    Hi all, I know the value of sleeping as deeply as possible for 8h each night as it relates to stress, body composition, weight control, diseases etc. I am on board with this. I am curious is it acceptable to split the sleep over two periods and still get the same benefit? For example must it be 8h straight every 24h or 8h within 24h. The reason I ask is at this stage of my life I have little kids and there are many things I must do each day which I cannot do while the kids are awake. Which means I end up only getting 6 to 7h sleep on a weekday as I cram all the chores, tasks etc. each weekday into the few hours between when the kids sleep and when I sleep.

    On the weekend (and any holiday) the same happens but I will get a 8h+ of sleep split 6h/2h with the 2h being a long nap in the afternoon.

    This works better for me at this stage of my life in terms of time management but I am not sure it's healthy. With a sabbatical coming up I will be able to do this every day for 12m. I am curious if anyone has any personal experience with this and can comment?

    Thanks all.

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    There is such thing as multiphasal sleep. The more intervals a day you sleep, the less sleep in total you need. IIRC, you can do 5 hours of total sleep a day if you do it in 4 phases. It has to be on a regular schedule and there are rules (i.e. you can't go into REM during a nap so you have to wake in 20 min or less). Timothy Ferris has a chapter on various sleep patterns in his 4 Hour Body.
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