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    I just found out about mini cows today. They only cost about 640 a year to take care of as opposed to 3,500 for a normal sized cow. Would they be primal? Some are breed to be small, while some species are that small.
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    Smaller cattle = less beef.

    No thanks. Although they are pretty darn cute.


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      Bit confused, why wouldn't they be primal? Assuming you mean for eating? Bear in mind transport, slaughter, and butchery are likely to cost just as much as a bigger beast...


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        Looks like it has more beef per cow. And you can have a lot more of them at the same price of one large cow. Better if you don't have a huge farm with lots of land.

        The angus version is bred to be small, its not naturally that way.

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          They're grill sized, how convenient!
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            Originally posted by strom View Post

            The angus version is bred to be small, its not naturally that way.
            Every domestic animal has been messed with, so to speak
            I sound like I'm nit-picking, I don't mean to! They're no more unnatural than, say, the Belgian Blue

            Main question is, how do they taste?


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              I dunno where you would order midget cow meat though. The name itself sounds appealing. Although the car sized cow would probably last you a couple of years, meat wise.
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                I got my last order from Sloan Creek Farms
                It was delicious.

                Dexter cattle are the smallest of the European cattle breeds, being about half the size of a traditional Hereford and about one third the size of a Friesian milking cow. They were considered a rare breed of cattle, until recently, but are now considered a recovering breed by the American Livestock Breeds Consevancy. The Dexter breed originates from Ireland[1]

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                  I don't like them. I don't see how they cost anymore a year to take care of than a huge cow unless you are feeding them grain. If you are feeding them grain then they are no longer primal. If you are feeding them grass then all they need is a paddock. I can't see how they would be anymore efficient on a grass paddock than normal size cows. The only advantage is you could probably fit one in a domestic backyard (and I'm sure the neighbours would love you for it)

                  The more I think about the more it seems those prices you quoted must be for grainfed cattle. I grew up with cattle and they cost nothing if you are breeding them. They eat grass which grows on your land at no cost and drink water that falls in your dam at no cost. The only costs are land taxes, maybe pour on if you use it and the odd vet bill (and I don't remember my family needing a livestock vet ever).
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                    We have dexters! At work I mean. They're naughty little sh*ts but have a way of making you forgive them. And they're greeeeeeedy - they eat more / faster than beef cattle twice their size!
                    But they ARE tasty....
                    And nothing funnier than walking them down a track or round the yard - they're usually between knee and waist height, and shooing the calves along is like herding cats
                    There are a few British small breeds like that - Galloways, Devon Ruby Reds.... not sure what would have made it over the pond though

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