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Can't tolerate coconut :( please tell me I am not alone

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  • Can't tolerate coconut :( please tell me I am not alone

    I have found a wealth of blogs on paleo/primal but almost every baking recipe I see posted has coconut in some form and I cannot tolerate any of it Anyone have some resources? A primal blog that is "no coconut" would be awesome. I just want to bake some primal cookies or something every great once and a while and am having a hard time finding anything. I know I can sub certain other ingredients for coconut milk (Almond milk) and coconut oil can usually be replaced with butter but what about coconut flour? it apparently has very specific properties when added to a recipe and subbing with almond flour is not supposedly a good option. I have tapioca flour and a small amount of arrowroot powder but are they about the same?


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    If you search on "gluten-free" recipes rather than "paleo" or "primal", you should find a lot of resources.


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      Tapioca flour makes GREAT stuff if you have recipes that are made for it.

      That is too bad about not being able to tolerate coconut, but at least it's not the most nutritious food in the world, so it's not like you're missing essential nutrients or something.

      And if you do other dairy besides butter, you can just use that instead. Milk is going to work just as good or better than coconut milk for a lot of recipes.


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        This might be useful Baking Ingredients

        The post on flours is particularly good.


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          I don't tolerate coconut either. Or rather I don't tolerate the fatty acid in it, so sometimes I can get away with a little coconut milk in a recipe, but coconut oil sends me running for the hills. As you learn more about baking you'll learn what they're trying to do and what you can sub in. i.e. butter or ghee for coconut oil, shredded zucchini\squash for coconut flakes etc. Good luck!