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Andrew Marr's History of the World episode one

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  • Andrew Marr's History of the World episode one

    Hi all,
    Andrew Marr's History of the World is a fantastic documentary which, in the first 30 mins upholds the Primal lifestyle and explains very nicely how grains have made humans unhealthy and stunted our growth, among other things. It's a great documentary and a fantastic resource to maybe introduce others to why a primal lifestyle may be beneficial for them

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    Um, did you mean to post a link? If so it is not showing.

    That does sound interesting.


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      Oops! Thanks a bunch. It's in this YouTube link: and it starts around the 5 minute mark, but the whole thing is quite interesting


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        Very interesting. Thanks for posting that.

        The narrator and the film don't have an particular axe to grind, they are just reporting history. They are not advocating a paleo diet or anything like that. And yet it states that the archeological record is clear about the physical degeneration of humans with the advent of farming.

        It's interesting to hear that fact from someone who isn't trying to sell you on anything.


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          Sounds very Weston A Price-esque.


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            Good call - haven't seen this yet although I do like Marr's stuff. I'll check it out when I get home, can't get on youtube whilst I'm here at 'work'.
            Healthy is the new wealthy.



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              Exactly what I liked about it - the fact that it isn't from someone in the primal/Paleo community.
              Andrew Marr is quite well respected, and always does quite good documentaries!