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    I read Rich Food, Poor Food on Mark Sissons (impersonal) recommendation. I greatly enjoyed it and found it tremendously helpful, thank you. So then I read Naked Calories and also found the information compelling, but then, it read more and more like an infomercial I paid for. I was extremely disappointed to finally go to the Calton's website and see they sell (and are sole supplier of) the vitamins they recommend in their book. That blatant conflict of interest now forces into doubt the conclusions in the book, especially related to micronutrient competition, thoughtfully remedied by Anti-Competition Technology (tm).

    When the book said to google for a vitamin with ACT I thought to myself, please don't let that be a trademarked term to vitamins the authors sell. Bingo.

    I'm very disappointed. . Paying for a commercial. The product might even be superior but now I won't know.
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    I felt much the same way. They could certainly be correct about ACT, but the prices are far too expensive. I'm just going to keep eating lots of fresh food and see if I survive.
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      Thanks for the heads-up
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