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Please check out my new blog - the Four Pillars of Health

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  • Please check out my new blog - the Four Pillars of Health

    Hi guys -

    I've been paleo for about 2 years now and I have become obsessed with learning about everything related to diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction. I believe that in order to truly improve our overall health we need to take a holistic approach to all 4 areas. Paleo/Primal living has made a huge positive difference for me in my life and the aim my new blog is to share that experience with others and to help others achieve vibrant health and happiness for themselves and their families as well.

    I am trying to gain readership and I am very new to this blogging thing, so if any of you have any suggestions of free ways for my blog to be seen and talked about please help. I say free bc financially times are rough for us right now so I can't yet afford to plunk any funds into this project. My eventual goal is to transition my career into certified health coaching.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this post, reads my blog, and gives me some advice or help. Peace and love to all!

    Here is a link to my blog:

    The Four Pillars of Health! (Diet, Sleep, Stress Reduction, Exercise): Are we evolving or DEvolving?


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    my latest post. more coming soon


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      Here is the 4th installment for my blog. Please check it out, read, react, and share with your network! Thank you!

      The Four Pillars of Health! (Diet, Sleep, Stress Reduction, Exercise): What is "Metabolic Syndrome" and why should I care about it?


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        My latest blog post, tackling the recent NY times article vilifying the carnitine in red meat:

        The Four Pillars of Health! (Diet, Sleep, Stress Reduction, Exercise): Red Meat haters surface once again (for their monthly appearance)


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          My most recent blog entry:

          Best and worst oils to eat and cook with (and a shocking discovery about a favorite local organic eatery!) |


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            One suggestion: Could you make the font size a bit larger? I found it very hard to read your blog entry.


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              Thanks for the advice, Katherine! I made the font size bigger, let me know what you think? Here is my latest post:

              How to make a healthy diet unhealthy in a few easy steps! |


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                Why did you find it hard?


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                  That blog looks great..the content appears to be pretty awesome i here is what we are all gonna about every member of this forum post in that blog and make it a big hit for our friend..does that sounds anyone with me..?


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                    That would be very much appreciated! While you're at it please check out and "like" my Facebook business page. It's called "causal factors - getting to the root of what makes us healthy or ill"

                    I put up a lot of great info on there as well. Thanks so much!

                    - Rick


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                      Please check out my latest blog installment "Why is it so hard to lose weight? - Part 1" Why is it so hard to lose weight? Part 1 |.

                      Also, if you haven't done so yet, please head over to my FB page,
            , and hit the like button so that you can be privy to the valuable health information that I post. Enjoy the blog, and if you like it please share it with your network. Thank you!


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                        My most recent blog post. A kick ass Paleo muffin recipe courtesy of my wife:

                        Recipe – Paleo Banana, Cherry, Chocolate Chip Muffins! | Rick Gold, Functional Diagnostic Wellness Practitioner


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                          My most recent blog post, tackling the relatively new science of Epigenetics and why it's something every single one of us NEEDS to understand for our sake and the sake of our future generations. Enjoy and please feel free to share this, post comments on my blog page, etc. Also if you have not done so yet please go to my facebook page and hit the like button. It's called "causal factors":

                          What is ‘Epigenetics’ and how does it pertain to everyday life? | Rick Gold, Functional Diagnostic Wellness Practitioner


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                            Dont come here looking to sell your blog. We've seen it all.

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                              I am sorry that you found the blog hard to read. Can you be more specific? Was it the font? My writing style? I always appreciate positive, constructive criticism

                              As for the comment about not promoting my blog here: this forum is called "primal resources". My blog is a primal resource. I was very careful when selecting which forum to use.

                              If you are truly paleo/primal or if you just care about the world being more informed and healthier, then you should be happy to see yet another resource for the billions of people out there to read that will help them. I never claimed to be one of a kind unique. I'm just spreading a message that I learned form many years of research and self experimentation for the benefit of others. And my blog is free to read. What about any of this upsets you?

                              Gd only knows we can use as many blogs and allies as possible to combat the lies and deceit that capitalistic corporate America and our gov't has spent billions of dollars promoting to the general public about nutrition.

                              You should work on getting your anger/bitterness/negativity in check. You'll tire out your adrenals this way.