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Good source of game meat?

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  • Good source of game meat?

    Anyone know of anyplace to get wild game meat? I found this one About The Ranch | Broken Arrow Ranch. Anyone used this one or any others?

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    US Wellness Meats, Grande Natural Meats (website and Marx are some of the ones I have used.


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      Thanks for the info


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        Hunting. LOL.

        I already wanted to give it a try before going primal - but I REALLY want to try it now. I'm saving up to buy a rifle (for deer and elk) and a shotgun (for fowl). Plus it's just a GREAT survival skill to have! While you can buy game meats from some good suppliers and even local game processing plants (if you live in an area big on hunting) - NONE of those will be available in the case of a long-term emergency situation. It also has a smaller carbon footprint, in most cases, as there is less shipping involved (esp. if you hunt locally and process your kill yourself).

        I've not gone hunting yet myself - but I know I'm ready for it because while driving by a flock of pheasant on my way to church in the fall I found myself thinking "Those look delicious. I wish I had a gun, a license and the permission of the land owner."

        Anyway, it's definitely something worth exploring.
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          Right, good job,Grande Natural Meats (website and Marx are some of the ones I have used. thank you


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            Most commercially available game meat available in the US is farmed. I doubt any of these animals are "corn fed" like cattle, though.

            Truly wild game cannot be sold or traded in the US, to avoid market hunting.

            If you are able, you should go hunting. It doesn't have to be big game like elk or deer. I have lots of fun hunting small game such as jackrabbits and game birds. My favorite is jackrabbit, cooked into Hasenpfeffer (just a smidge of flour to thicken)