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SoCal cow/lamb/goat pooling. All grass fed and ridiculously cheap. You in?

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    Originally posted by imgliniel View Post
    From the cows? Or from the lamb and goat? From what I understand they are supposed to throw away the spinal cord and brain of the beef because of the BSE (mad cow) laws. The lambs and goats have no such restriction.

    hmm... I wonder if I could simply pay for the animal and have my own processor do it.... Do they do the kill/euth on site then take the carcass to the proccessor? Or trailer the animal live to the processor (I can just ask them I guess lol, just easy if you know lol)
    We got a half of the beef head split right down the midline and the whole lamb head. Not sure if the brains are still in there. Hard to tell with everything frozen solid and wrapped up.

    I'm not sure as to the question about if they kill the animals on site or let the processor do it. I never thought to ask that one. The owner did go into quite a bit of depth describing the halal practices to us and he is from Egypt so.....?


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      It really only matters if they are not used to handling. If they have to be loaded with an electric prod into a trailer, and are stressed and freaked all the way to the processor, then put down in the trailer or a shoot, etc, as you can see, not so humane and lots of stress hormones coursing through the muscles! MOST places have a field butcher that comes out to the property and puts down the animal and does the blood letting, eviserating (removes the inards) and skinning. Then hangs the carcass and transports it to the finish butcher who does the cutting into roasts etc etc etc. But I have seen it done the first way as well, and if the animal is used to trailering and being led then they get led on with a halter and to them it is just another ride in the trailer, no stress, just as humane and nice. (like 4h animals that trailer to some shows for judging, they have to be comfortable with the trailer and whatnot, so going to the processor would be just like going to another show up until the lights go out).

      Sorry if I am grossing anyone out, I am a huge Meet your Meat person. Former vegetarian for ethical reasons, now that humane and grass fed has taken off I can find sources I like and trust. But even then, I prefer to research actual ranches and processors not just grab anything with the organic label, etc. If I don't know exactly how it was raised and butchered I ain't buying or eating it.

      *Edited to add* cursury google search shows that halal has alot to do with cleanlines but also that the name of god must be spoken during slaughter, the animal has to be hung to bleed out (thats pretty much always done) but it looks like they do a throat slit. No bullet to the head, which is my preference. It does say that the instrument must be sharp to ensure humane slaugher, but unless you hit and sever the spinal cord, and be REALLY SUPERHUMAN FAST ABOUT IT, in my oppinion, a bullet is always gonna be faster and more instant. The animal also CANNOT BE UNCONCIOUS, so yeah, having your throat slit while fully awake vs a bullet to the brain. I'll take the bullet. So I may have to ask about having my own butcher come do things and see what they say.
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        The owner of Eden Tropics made a point of telling us about how the animal is in a calm, non-panicy state of mind, not seeing other animals killed and never seeing the knife. He did mention how severing the spinal cord ends any pain involved. The heart is still pumping to get the blood out but the brain has been unplugged. So I do think it is probably done on the property and then transported as a carcass for processing.

        He also showed me the newest addition to their goat herd, only two days old and still a bit wobbly in the knees. So cute. He talked about delivering the kid, etc. I could tell he really cares for the animals and sees them as a part of the family. They all have names and he talks about their various individual personality quirks.

        Well, the first part to get used from my meat purchase is the huge bag of bones and trim. I put the marrow bones back in the freezer but everything else went in the stock pot or rather several stock pots. I am going to have broth all winter.

        I have made many a pot of stock in my time and I do not think I have ever tasted any better than this. Maybe it is something about the cow being fed on fruit and fruit tree trimmings. No idea. But it is seriously good.


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          Well, some follow up to add here. The bone broth was great and everything that I have made in the slow cooker has been really good but, I have to say it, the cuts that are cooked in any other way like steaks and chops are just plain tough. (And I do know how to cook a steak properly.) The meat has a good flavor but not a good texture.

          I don't think I'll be ordering from Eden Tropics again. I am disappointed.

          I will be slow cooking the chunks I still have and my friend is making head cheese out of the lamb and cow heads. That should be interesting.