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Postpartum Belly Bands?

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  • Postpartum Belly Bands?

    Hey there gurus!

    I'm hoping for some good Mama experiences here. I couldn't find any threads on this in a search. I'm due with baby numero uno in 5 weeks and am looking into postpartum belly bands. There are lots of different ones and they all have websites that sounds awesome! Cause, you know, they're selling them, ha! Anyways, I'm wondering if it's a good or bad idea.

    I know we stopped using the back support bands (I know that's different) at work because research shows they actually weaken you and leave you more open to injury because you're not using your muscles properly or at all. So, not sure if the belly bands would be of similar detriment?

    About me, have been doing Paleo and Crossfit throughout my pregnancy and plan on breast feeding for a year or so. I'm also in the military and need to get back into my fitness test body relatively quickly, ugh.

    Thanks for any experienced input!

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    I made a haramaki--japanese belly wrap--yesterday that I'm loving as a warmth measure, and that commentators are saying are functionally identical to maternity bands. It's an extremely low-cost way to experiment with a belly band--and you can easily play with the amount of support you want.

    I cut off the arms of a thick t-shirt, cut open a sideseam, and then re-stitched the sidesteam, on a slant, to make a tight tube that covers my upper hips to the top of my kidneys. It took me 5 minutes, and I can't sew. If you can sew, you could put two t-shirts together to make a thicker band, or put a second seam on your tube to tighten the waist, or fold the cloth in half to provide more support. Or figure out how to make the haramaki from an old, shrunken angora sweater and then tell me how. (sweater is sitting next to computer.)

    Fancy tutorial here:
    How to make a Haramaki

    and the immediate gratification, 5 minute commitment, approach here:
    Haramaki heaven


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      !! I'm also due in 5 weeks with my first baby. I have been wearing a separate belly band right now to just help things. It feels better than and helps carry my belly a little. It also kind of feels like I'm constantly being hugged. I need to put together a "pregnancy recovery plan" here soon too.
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        I used one with my second pregnancy and I recommend them. I don't remember what brand it was, but it velcrowed (I can't spell that) so I recommend getting one that goes one really quickly. If you can get that Japanese thing on in a big hurry, fine, but you aren't going to have time to brush your teeth, let alone do t-shirt origami around the middle of yourself. I found that it helped with swelling and pain, and made me cry less when I put a non-maternity shirt on. Good luck to you.


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          I had a wrap after my third baby and loved it. I had a heavy duty wrap that was actually meant to be an abdominal binder after abdominal surgery. It helped with not feeling so jiggly. I loved it.


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            I used Wink belly bands to slim down quick after I had my son. They worked great and there are many different options! Wink Shapewear


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              I used the Belly Bandit, yes the kind you get at Target or whatever. It was great - made me feel non-jiggly as others said. I'm not sure if it was the band or the combo of band/nursing/lack of sleep, but my abdomen was downright slim within 2 months. Skin is still catching up, but I would recommend the band anyhow for support & comfort. As rabbit-trail said, you need something quick & easy to put on, as you will not have a whole lot of time at first.

              Also tried the Medela band, but it would slide around & bunch up. Material was too slippery.

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                Are you talking about a compression thing, or just those spandex-y things that cover the space between shirt & pants that you can wear pregnant or postpartum or nursing?

                I don't see a compression thing doing a bit of good, honestly, but I have no experience with them. I love the latter type because they can be used to hold up pants you've outgrown in the middle trimester, hold up pants that are too big postpartum, or cover your belly while nursing.

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                  Both! Wink has an easy off option to unstrap the bottom of the compression for easy bathroom usage and makes you feel great while slimming down. They are popular for new mothers, but anyone can use them to tighten and tone. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.


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                    Do include a medical grade compression garment in your plan! My stomach was jiggly and felt unsupported after the baby. A friend of mine recommended Wink and I bought 2 pcs. I love the compression and have been wearing it for the last 2 months. My tummy has shrunk to my pre-pregnant state and I am extremely pleased!


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                      I think its the compression thing. Oh, I swear by it. They pushes my tummy back in and keeps it taut. Imagine how jiggly your stomach and uterus must be after a 7lb baby has just left it empty! My OBGYN recommended to wear one and I love the support. I had less cramping when I wear a compression garment versus not wearing any!


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                        Postpartum Belly Bands

                        nice work . I like it
                        You are most welcome

                        belly wrap
                        Girdle for women


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                          I had a baby in January. I just use my maternity pants since they have a nice stretchy band.
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