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    Does anyone here use Green Bean Delivery? If so, I'm looking for opinions on it, either bad or good. I'm thinking of signing up since they have some good deals on local grassfed/pastured meats and dairy, and could be a great way to get local produce with all the farmers markets shutting down for the winter.

    Home Delivery of Organic & Local Produce - Green BEAN Delivery

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    Kim, one of my friends has used it for awhile and loves it. If you have specific questions I'll ask her and follow up with you. Looks like we're neighbors. I've been to all the local farmers markets around here and my favorite is Hyde Park.


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      Hi Mike- thanks for the reply! Sorry I was so late seeing this. I moved here last year and have mostly stayed with the Boone County market, but I'm moving to Mason in a couple of weeks, so will have to check out some of the others- and I'll be pretty close to Jungle Jim's!

      No specific questions about Green Bean right now- I saw the truck in my neighborhood and noticed one of my current neighbors has it, and I've only heard good things. So I'm giving it a try after I move and will report back.


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        Usually the farmers markets start back up around here in April. Love Jungle Jim' much. Doesn't take long to end up with couple of hundred bucks worth of stuff.


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          Originally posted by mikebike View Post
          Love Jungle Jim' much. Doesn't take long to end up with couple of hundred bucks worth of stuff.
          I could spend that before I even left the cheese section!


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            Nice they get to me in Indy, I'll have to look into them see if it's cheaper than trader joe's/whole foods. (surprisingly, whole foods has stuff cheaper than kroger 9x out of 10 as far as produce)
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              I asked my friends on fb, and an ex of mine says she liked them but prefers Peapod Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service better.
              -Ryan Mercer my blog and Genco Peptides my small biz


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                I signed up for Green Bean yesterday, looking forward to my first delivery next week! My standing order is the small produce bin at $35 every other week, but I'll probably go back every time and add a few more things besides the standing order. They have a decent selection of grassfed meat and dairy and really reasonable prices, and shelf stable groceries too.

                Here is what the small produce bin had this week:
                1 Each Cauliflower
                1 Each Mango, Tommy's
                4 Each Oranges, Cara Cara
                2 Each Avocados
                5 Each Apples, Fuji
                1 Pint Tomatoes, Grape
                1 10 oz. Mushrooms, White Button
                1 Each Lettuce, Iceberg
                1 Bunch Greens, Rainbow Chard
                1 Bunch Herbs, Cilantro

                That is more fruit than I usually eat so if it's the same next week I'll probably trade the apples out for a vegetable. Organic apples are really reasonably priced at Kroger so it wouldn't be a big loss.

                Another thing I really like is that you can put non-perishables in your bin when they pick it up, the food gets delivered to a local food pantry, and they match it with an equal amount of fresh produce.


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                  It's me again! Sorry to keep spamming, but maybe someone in my area will find this thread and it'll be useful!

                  This service is really easy to use- they e-mailed today with the contents of my delivery next week, and it just took a few minutes to make changes. So my produce box will be:

                  4 Each Pears, D'anjou
                  2 Each Lemons
                  4 Each Clementines
                  1 Bunch Carrots, Bunched with greens
                  1 2 lb. bag Potatoes, Purple Majesty
                  2 Each Peppers, Green-
                  1 Pound Green Beans
                  1 Each Lettuce, Bibb
                  1 Bunch Greens, Collard
                  2 Each Apples, Pink Lady
                  1 Each Leeks

                  I originally had 4 apples, but switched 2 of them for a leek because I'm trying to cut back on fruit. I also added a dozen eggs to my standing order (automatically delivered every 2 weeks), and a pound of ground beef just to this week's order. The meat and eggs are local and pastured/grassfed, and the produce is mostly local but all grown in the US.

                  I'll obviously need to supplement with an actual shopping trip, but this is a great start to menu planning and sticking to a list. Next step, find a way to use the carrot greens!