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  • New diabetic group

    I just created a group for T1 and T2 diabetics. Everyone that wants to learn is welcome, including those suffering from insulin resistance. I've been T1 for 23 years and have gone through every Diabetic issue you can think of.

    Big thanks to Mark for the new forum layout by the way, it's amazing!

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    Type 2 - Working through my Carb Addictions

    I'm a T2 and was on insulin then an insulin pump for about 4 years. Since following a reduced Carbohydrate plan on my own accord and not my diabetic educator I have lost 85 pounds and no longer use an insulin pump or insulin. A few months ago I started Primal blueprint with ups and downs. I continue to have issues with my Carb intact...If I eat bad carbs then I go crazy with them and over eat. Trying very hard to get away from those. I feel great and I'm in my 9th week of P90X. I have about 10-15 pounds I need to lose. I welcome learning more and look forward being part of the new forum.


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      Thanks, StoneAgeQueen for starting this! I'll join in as I definitely have metabolic syndrome. Right now my sugars are still borderline pre-diabetic. I'm hoping that by removing dairy that'll help a little.

      Dave01, I was a wicked carb addict, too. I just completely stay away - much easier said than done and it can really suck. Excellent job loosing 85#! That's really amazing!


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        howdy! Type 2 here. I got off my meds following another lc program but plan to lose the blubber and continue to heal with PB!


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          Deb when I was eating loads of carbs I was what you'd call a "Type 3", i.e a severely insulin resistant Type 1 diabetic. No matter how much insulin I took after eating starchy carbs I couldn't get my blood sugars down. I remember one night having a few slices of Domino's pizza and was up half the night taking shot after shot of insulin and nothing would take it down. My BG was scarily high. I think I ended up taking about 50 units of insulin in total. Now I would barely take that in a couple of days! primal is the way to go. Grok on!!!


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            That is scary, STQ!!! I know when I was a carbaholic it was pushing my sugars up into diabetic levels. I have a hard time getting people to understand that "just a little" isn't an option anymore. Guess I'm going to have to use my "mom" look on the other adults. Primal is definitely the way to go!


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              Advice for helping diabetic husband go primal

              Have convinced my insulin dependent (since age 13, now 52) husband to try going primal. Having played with getting him to do this in past...biggest stumbling block is when his blood glucose gets low...what to eat to elevate it quickly. His usual habit is granola bar, toast, orange juice, etc (uggg). So, any diabetics out there, how do you deal with this? FYI, he's on an insulin pump with a realtime glucose sensor.