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  • Primal Womens Tribe--Join in Ladies!

    Based on this awesome thread: I thought I'd start a 'tribe' thread for all of us primal ladies who want to continue the convo a/b primal living and how it specifically relates to women's issues. I'm hoping the title change might bring in a few more Grokette's who want to participate. (On MDC, we call certain threads that are focussed on a specific topic 'tribes', so thought I'd just do that here as well.)

    I'd love to continue discussing these issues, and am looking forward to checking out a lot of the resources linked in the above thread!!!
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    I'm in!!

    us gals need a haven every now & then (as do the guys, to be fair). Can't wait to see all the shared tidbits & to contribute to the tribe. thanks!


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      I'm in!

      I wasn't part of the original thread but would like to learn from others.

      Are you creating a 'group'?
      Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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        A group would be awesome!!
        M x


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          I'm in! Let's get this "running."
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            I don't know how to start a 'group'. But I'd love to be part of it! If I need to do something to create one, please let me know what--I'd be happy to!

            I'm very interested in discussing some of the issues Primal Wannabe Girl raises in the Plea for Female Resources/Research thread (

            I, myself, have been using the underlying thought challenge----what would the prototypical Grok(ette)'s nutrition and activity patterns been like, and how might her needs have differed from Grok's?

            Now I'm no paleoanthropologist, just a reasonably well-read person with a background in medicine. (I'm an MD) I have done a fair amount of reading about modern hunter-gatherer societies, from the Yanamamo to the !Kung.

            So here's what I think, and I'd love to get a dialogue going and I'd love to hear what Mark has to say about all this!

            1. Women's activity primarily seems to be walking moderate to long distances daily while carrying heavy loads, like a baby worn on the body, bundles of fuel, baskets of foraged foods, etc. Bending, carrying, stooping, squatting and digging are the primary physical demands.

            2. The women eat 2 meals a day, morning and afternoon/night. They seem to do fewer very long fasts (like the 2-3 fasts while walking/stalking game that hunters do). There is no need for women to fast longer than a day's work, since they return to camp/village by dark; their territory for foraging tends to be limited by the distance they can travel round trip in one full day.

            3. Women have fewer regular sprints built in for their bodies----they are far more likely to be 'endurance' adapted. They don't chase game, they walk long ways carrying things to get food. (Even today women excel at the longest endurance events.)

            3. Women are known to use herbs to manage things like uterine bleeding, miscarriage, pregnancy, milk production, etc. There is a world of herbal wisdom that mostly women knew---and still do.

            4. Most cultures have special foods or herbs that are used to support pregnancy.

            So what MIGHT this mean for us modern wannabe cavechicas?

            -We might consider fewer training sprints and more long, slow distance.

            -We might concentrate less on lifting heavy and focus on CARRYING weight for longer and longer distances.

            -We might study women's herbalism (a la Susun Weed)

            -We might fast less regularly.

            -We might allow that our ideal bodies have a little padding! Healthy females have enough body fat to support a pregnancy and regular menstrual periods until the perimenopausal years.
            DO check out the thread if you have not already--lots of resources are linked there to blogs, books, etc. related to women and paleo/primal living.

            I just want to keep this conversation going! As a soon-to-be 30 yo, nursing mama, I've found through trial and error that some things feel better to my body than others, and I honestly feel this is related to my a. being female, b. being a mama, and a nursing one at that, c. being almost 30. I think all of these things factor in, and I'd love to explore what the very best ways of eating and working out are for *me*, as a nursing mama, but also, I really want to talk about what Grokette's typical day, meals, and activity would have looked like, as I do think, esp. in and after the childbearing years, that her diet (including fasting/eating frequency), and physical activities would have been different, at least in some ways, from Grok's.

            Looking forward to talking a/b this some more!!
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            Are you new here? Be sure to check these links FIRST, before reading anything on the forum! Succeed & PB 101

            "I am a work in progress." -Ani DiFranco


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              just go to Community in the black menu, click it. There you will see GROUP and how to CREATE one! The rest is kind of easy to do!
              Hope that helped!


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                I'm in. I'm still getting use dto the new format.


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                  Great idea! I'm in too.


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                    Please count me in. I have some issues that I believe are hormonal (in addition to hypothyroid) and I'm sure I can learn a lot from you all


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                      I'm a newbie and would love to be "in". I have pcos so I would love to learn more about how PB applies to women.


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                        Woohoo!!! Totally in!!!


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                          ok, i put up a group "primal women" - click on community and join in
                          challenge yourself
                          i blog here


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                            I'm in! Now that I'm pregnant I definitely realize that it's a totally different state of being... my fat intake has gone from about 60-70% of my calories to closer to 50% because I'm eating more carbs now (wanting LOTS of fruit, dairy, etc). But even so, I'm not having "carby cravings" or being hungry all the time like in my pre-primal days. My weight gain also hasn't been huge, and what I have gained has been slow.... So I'm not concerned about it.
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                              I'm in too! Let me see if I can find this group now...