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Anyone have a dependable slow cooker/crock pot?

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    Mine has a auto warm button Maybe it senses the temperature of the oven and switches to Auto? I love it, I put it on in hte morning - usually Sunday or Saturday and by the afternoon my dinner is cooked.

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    A friend of mine just bought a slow cooker with a meat thermometer. I am thinking about investing in one like that. Since I try to put meals on when I leave for work in the morning it would be nice if it would turn to "warm" once the meat is at temp. I hate it when I come home late and my chicken or chuck roast is overcooked and dry.
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      Dirt cheap here


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        Slow cooker recommends safety cooking. You can set the temperature high or low to maintain its tender. I think clear cover is suggestible.

        Hope to find some sources here, because I plan to by one just for a wedding gift for a very close friend.


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          A lot of people on here have the Instant Pot, that is what I ended up getting after looking at slow cookers. I find now that I only use the pressure cooker part, it is amazing for so many things, butter soft stews in about an hr etc. There is a Whole 30 facebook recipe page for Instant Pot, shares lots of recipes. Each of my kids have one now, after seeing mine in action.
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            I have an Instant Pot (2 now, actually, as I love them so much!) which is slow cooker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, steamer - it is the best thing I've bought in the kitchen. Stainless steel liner which is removable, and a brilliantly helpful Facebook forum which supplies LOADS of recipes, advice, etc etc. If you look on Amazon and read the reviews you'll see that I'm not the only person who raves about it! I found it through the "WholeHealth Source" site where Stephan wrote about it glowing terms.