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  • The World is Fat

    So I picked up a book down at the local library the other day called "The World is Fat: The Fads, Trends, Policies, and Products That Are Fattening the Human Race" by Barry Popkin.

    I knew something was wrong when, within the first 20 pages, I saw the following quotes:

    In discussing paleolithic humans, he said, "The basic diet-which varied across the seasons-came from the seeds of grasses, tree nuts, roots and tubers, fish, and aquatic mammals. People living at this time consumed no grains and no dairy products other than breast milk."

    I wondered how long it would take to gather an amount of "seeds of grasses" that would be worth eating, and I wondered where in hell was the meat? I'm not so sure that paleo humans on the savanna had much access to "aquatic mammals" either. Oh well, at least he got the no grains and no dairy part right.

    However, only 10 short pages later, I found the following quote: "But while we know that whole grains are very important..."

    So somehow, even though he acknowledges that humans evolved on a grain free diet, whole grains are also "very important". Who gave this guy a professorship?

    The book goes on to explain the changes in the ways that food is produced and the ways that humans eat and move. It does an okay job of showing what has led up to such a huge percentage of the world being overweight and obese.

    There are perhaps 75 or 80 pages left to read, but I decided to close this piece of garbage and return it to the library when I came to this quote, out of a chapter discussing the work of John "An Enema a Day" Kellog, inventor of corn flakes and other crazy bullshit. While Popkin criticizes Kellog's and other cereal companies for changing from their original formulas to all the sugar coated, highly processed stuff on the cereal isle today, he goes on to say, "Even so, Kellog's, Post, and the other ready-to-eat cereals are a lot healthier than most breakfast alternatives such as bacon, sausages, and fried eggs".

    He's saying that Captain Crunch is better than eggs. This bastard is saying that COOKIE CRISP is better than bacon. If I owned this book, I would light it on fire and throw it in a corn field. Ain't nobody gonna badmouth my bacon like that. This thing goes back to the library ASAP.

    Anyone else read anything good lately?

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    You should put a note in it directing future readers to MDA.


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      lol, he can't have his cake and eat it to


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        seeds of grasses = grain

        people who write books should have a clue.

        It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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          Wow, I eat bacon, eggs, and sausages literally every day. Last night I ate an ungodly amount of them right before bed. I swallowed six yolks raw, nom nom! And _now_ you tell me I would be so much healthier if I'd only stuck to Rice Krispies these past three months? Why, I could have had the studly bod of Mr. Barry Popkin himself!

          Seriously, you've got to love books like this. It's like the late 19th century, when neuroscience was just being discovered, but phrenology was all the rage. This kind of stuff will be amusing to everyone in another hundred years (although hopefully we won't have to wait that long).


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            Reepicheep - That's an excellent idea. I'll definitely do that before my customary Monday walk to the library.

            Sir Grandma - Exactly. I don't think that the majority of people have any clue that the corn in the can at the store is just grass seed that has been artificially selected for size and color for the last several thousand generations. Every time I hear someone talk about "corn the vegetable", I make it my mission to get them to understand that it's a grain.

            Timothy - Yes sir, imagine how studly you'd look if only you'd forgone all those awful meats and eggs and just eaten Lucky Charms instead.

            By the way, I just noticed that I called it the cereal "isle". The cereal "aisle" is bad enough. The thought of an island of cereal is horrifying.


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              ...and Sylvester Graham told people they should eat grains to "cure" their masturbation problem:


              Just more proof that grains are evil :-D

              ETA: Kellogg is in here, too.


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                no offense to the overweight, but it's getting pretty sad. I *had* to visit wal-mart today to pick up my boyfriend a new set of contact lenses and everyone in there was fat as hell, except for this one lady at the self-checkout. The guy that was looking his prescription up in the computer was having a really hard time with something, I wanted to ask him if he was alright. It's so sad! It's horribly sad.


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                  So grains will magically make me less apt to watch exercise videos of that bodyrock girl?