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    Hello. My name's Zack and I'm new to the site...and Primal in general. I was turned onto the site last year by a friend but hadn't delved too deep into it until recently. After reading more here, subscribing to the newsletter and reading the Primal Blueprint, I am ready to take on Primal living.

    Which is why I was really excited when a friend told me about a great service here in Philly called Farm to City.

    From the site: "Winter Harvest is a buying club from which you can order locally produced food during the winter and spring months, when CSAs and most farmers' markets are not operating. Members submit their orders through this website, to be delivered weekly to sites in Philadelphia and towns west, east and north of Philadelphia. See Delivery Locations, below.

    By ordering from Winter Harvest, you will be using your purchasing power to support local farmers and to become part of a growing movement that promotes family farming, environmental stewardship, good health and fresh, delicious food."

    I participated in a local CSA this spring/summer/fall and it has been great. Now, just as I am ready to embark on Primal living, I have found a place where I can not only delivers great organic produce and grass fed beef (not to mention poultry, pork, lamb, spices and herbs, eggs...go check out the options!) only a few blocks from my apartment but supports our local farmers as well!

    If you don't live in the Philadelphia area, ask around and/or do some digging online to see if there is similar program in your city. If not, try and start one!

    All the best,