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Blue Back Massager Tube, What Is It?

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  • Blue Back Massager Tube, What Is It?

    I first saw this back massager here on this website, but haven't been able to retrieve its title since then. I searched here and on Google to no avail, and haven't gotten a reply to my e-mail to Mark, so this should be the place for results.

    I think it was mentioned during one of the Primal contests days, being offered as a prize. This particular back massager is a huge solid cylindrical tube with square "spikes" protruding out of it, which you use by laying it on the floor and rolling on it backwards, like how a dog would wiggle on the carpet. It sounds excellent and practical.

    But I can't find it, and certainly could use it after my workouts. What is it that I'm talking about? The name of the product and the manufacturer website?

    Thanks, if anyone knows what it is.

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    I'm guessing Rumble Roller


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      Ding ding ding! Right answer on the first reply!

      My god do I want one of these. Does my back ever get sore after a workout . . . sometimes I even resort to massage my lattimus dorsi against the elevator entrance at work.


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        Looks interesting. I use 'The Grid' Roller and it is good too. That woman smiling away whilst rolling her IT band is having a laugh, it's hellish, but that wouldn't look good on the marketing I guess :-)

        Rollers can work really well, especially for myofascial release, but it needs to be done consistantly. If you do it right, you will be amazed at the increased lightness in your body and improved range of movement, and that's without stretching.

        Check out the post with the link to Gil Hedley discussing 'The Fuzz' - rollers are a great tool to start breaking that 'fuzz' down and getting your sliding surfaces moving again - in fact, here it is if you want to save time.

        Gil Hedley: Fascia and stretching: The Fuzz Speech - YouTube


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          I have the rumble roller, the bigger and firmer size (heyo!) and I really like it. The IT band roll out will probably make you religious.
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