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The Anti-Primal Primal Diet (Primal Nutrisystem?)

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    Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
    i really don't understand the disconnect people have with changing their own eating habits but not those of their kids.
    Originally posted by teach2183 View Post
    I agree. My kids eat what I do (2 and 4) with smaller portions and often extra fruit. Of course, we've never prepared extra food for them and if they don't like dinner their only choice is a piece of fruit instead.
    Totally agree. My son was a garbage pail for food when he was young. Later of course, he became pickier. But when he was staying w/ me 3-4 days a week, he was given limited choices & when he got hungry enough, he'd eat that steamed broccoli w/ melted cheese on it or collards sauteed in oil w/ onions & salt. Funny how that works, isn't it...

    And I agree with the assessment that this lady wants ez primal for herself but has reseervations about it for her kids, then she hasn't gotten educated enough about what primal is/isn't & why it applies to the entire family. It doesn't mean it can't work for her, she just needs to learn more & yes, that book, "Paleo for Dummies", sounds perfect! I'll look into seeing if they have it @ Barnes & Noble, it'd be a perfect give-away gift to my family, friends & new clients.

    Update including some other excellent looking, well reviewed Paleo books for newbies: Living Paleo For Dummies (9781118294055): Melissa Joulwan, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Books

    It Starts with Food: Discover...
    Melissa Hartwig

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      Originally posted by Mamchibi View Post
      I've done that, teach. She has a very large family with small children at home and she's not comfortable with feeding them primal. She was worried that she'd have to cook twice, once for the family once for her, but I showed her how she could just skip the rice or bread on her own plate if she really wanted to serve it to the kids. Her dishes are usually elaborate casseroles or skillet dishes though, long on carbs and short on protein (for financial reasons) so it would really require her to learn a new method of cooking entirely. I got the impression she was looking for something simple for herself while she creates her elaborate family meals that doesn't require her to "cook twice."
      I really hope this doesn't come across as bitchy...if so, I don't mean it that way. If she can plan elaborate meals for her family, she surely has enough time to throw a hunk of meat in a crock pot before work, throw together a quick salad when she gets home, and voila! Dinner is served. That's as elaborate as she needs to get, tasty, and perfectly safe for the young'uns. However, it sounds like your friend has an excuse for whatever help you offer. When she's ready, hopefully she'll let you know and then you can offer advice. Until then, it sounds like you'll just be banging your head against a wall.


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        I just started trying to eat this way, & it hasn't been a problem w/ my family, my husband & teenage son are thrilled that I'm fixing big dinners w/ !meat! (I don't tend to eat alot of meat), the biggest adjustment has been w/ my pescetarian daughter who doesn't want to give up her junk food (chips, ramen, soy), but we're working on it, & increasing her veg & fruits...


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          Her dishes are usually elaborate casseroles or skillet dishes though, long on carbs and short on protein (for financial reasons)
          If she can't afford protein for her family, I can't see how she can afford even Jenny Craig or Lean Cuisine for that matter.

          Maybe she does not understand how simple primal cooking really is. It's meat and vegetables. Need more food for kids? Throw them a potato or a sweet potato or pasta. Short on money? Buy normal meats and veggies instead of organic/grass fed.

          Can you give her some real life examples?
          I have hamburger night. I grill a burger and eat it with spinach and a sweet potato. Give the kids a bun. I make curries. Husband gets rice. I have mine with no rice, maybe some zucchini noodles or over a sweet potato. have bacon and eggs for breakfast, toast for the family.

          Primal is not like eating macrobiotic raw foods or vegan.... It's really easy to work around and be primal.... maybe not *perfect* but to be 80% doesn't take a lot of effort. Even eating out its not that hard to pull off. And Primal food is actually good. Serving your kids the bora bora meatballs from well fed with a side of green beans is like amazing.... its not like feeding them steamed tofu with vegan yeast cheese. It seems like very kid (and husband) friendly food.

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!