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  • A Primal Documentary?

    Hey guys! So I love the community here, despite the fact that I never post anything :]. Nonetheless, I have a great idea for a web documentary called "The Grok-umentary!". I want to make a film documenting my brother and I as we go through the Primal Blueprint Total Body Transformation Action Items and then post it to be seen for free online! The only problem is that we would like to make it of good quality and don't have a camera to use, so we set up an IndieGogo for it!

    Check it out here, if your interested. Any help would be amazing! If it gets made we'll post a link to the website on this thread for everyone to see. I think it will help spread the word about the Primal lifestyle, as well as help out my twins portfolio. Thanks for reading, guys!

    The Primal Blueprint Grok-umentary! -- Indiegogo

    The Grokumentary resized.png
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    This sounds great and good luck! If I may offer some constructive criticism:

    Drop the "Grok" name, or at least, try not to focus on cave-man-like perspectives. While it was a useful archetype for Sisson to portray stories through, the name tends to conjure up stereotypes of dim-witted, meat-centric, uncivilised cave-men. This puts off many viewers, and I believe it makes the paleo concept easily dismissable by some. Perhaps include terms such as "ancestral" or "evolutionary biology"

    It would be great if you guys could become representatives of the paleo movement in general, instead of seemingly advertising for a particular website...however great that website may be.

    One difference between paleo and other diets is that it is a strictly science based pursuit of optimal health, with a (useful) ancestral viewpoint.


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      Have you checked to see if your local library has video camera's to rent? I think some do here where I live.