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Primal Leap Guidebook or 21 Day Transformation?

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  • Primal Leap Guidebook or 21 Day Transformation?

    Which should a newbie order? And why?

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    I bought The Primal Blueprint and it gave me ideas to pick and choose from. I started by giving up wheat, rye, barley & oats and cut right down on rice. I also made myself stop drinking beer and stick to wine & single malts as treats. Looking at what is available on the web, I am not sure I really needed to buy the book but I DO love books. When I saw Body by Science by Doug McGuff MD and John Little, had a look at the tasters on Youtube etc and bought the Kindle version. I started BBS strength training last week.

    When the 90 Day Journal was advertised in an e-mail I received, I believed it will help keep me on track and so bought it too. I am fairly sure I am right about it.

    If one has determination, there is enough information on line to get by with. I choose to buy books as a form of payment for the writers' information and get greater detail as I like to fully understand what I am doing.
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