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Fila Skela-toes Shoes - sharing info and a question

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  • Fila Skela-toes Shoes - sharing info and a question


    I was pleased to find some Fila Skela-toes shoes that seemed to work for me.

    I bought two different styles, the BayRunner and the Amp.

    Here's a mini review:
    The BayRunner has a little less support, although there is still some arch support. My feet like arch support. They're just a little flatter than the Amp. The Amp have a little more support on the sides for lateral moves.

    Both shoes have NO curve (on the toe side) to form somewhat of a "pointed" toe like most running shoes have. This is GREAT for me b/c the "pointed" running shoes drive me crazy. My feet do not come to points. The great thing about the BayRunner is that it ALSO has NO curve on the small toe side. This is really liberating (I know true liberty would be no shoes, but you know). Like most of us, I'm tired of my feet being squeezed into Madison Avenue designed footware.

    Question about BayRunner and water sports:
    My question is, has anyone used the BayRunner in "real" situations. I'm only trying it indoors today to make sure I like them. What I noticed though, it that I stepped in a tiny bit of water on my ceramic tile floor and it was like being on a sheet of ice! I would like to use the BayRunner for water sports too, but this really concerns me. I've read reviews of people using them in a river on rocks, but I have to question this info given my brief experience.

    TLTR: Anyone have any experience with Fila Skela-toes BayRunners around water?