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Question on Gokhale method

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  • Question on Gokhale method

    I ordered Esther Gokhale's book in order to attempt to fix my recurring neck issues.

    I know I've seen it mentioned a few times on here. I am having trouble with the "stretchsitting," even when I use an appropriate chair.

    I think I just don't carry enough fat in my back to sort of "catch" on the top of the chair. Or am I overestimating the amount of "suspension" this is supposed to allow/cause?
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    My husband and I are trying out her method also. I too am having trouble with the stretch sitting but for me I think it's that I don't have the right chair. Has any one tried her stretchsit cushion?
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      She's not fat either, if you check out her Google Talk on youtube. I think it's more of hooking your upper back and/or shoulder blades on the top of the chair or the pad. This means the chair has to be just the right height for you.

      I get better results from a modified L-sit position, or from hanging from a pullup bar, as I can do it in chairs that aren't the right height.


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        I've tried a few different heights, but I still feel like my back just slides down and doesn't "hook" regardless. I wasn't calling anyone fat, just saying I can't make the little flap of skin shown in the book to hook on the chair.
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