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    my vibram ksos are getting a bit worn and old so i need to start thinking about replacing them. i wear the ksos in the sea and around the rocks as well as x-country so i was wondering if a pair of flows would be better? i was also thinking about some nike free runs but i wouldnt be able to get them wet. so.. any recs? or reviews on the flow? in terms of exercise, what i do is usually just hike x-country. it's quite hard terrain, slippery in places and dirt roads and beaches. i also dive in the sea, climb around lots of barnacle encrusted rocks to get out to sea sometimes. ford streams etc.

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    I just bought some TrekSports over the weekend after discovering my KSOs were wearing thin and I was starting to really feel things trying to puncture my feet (Ouch!). I do kayaking and hiking mostly in my vibrams. But I couldn't see myself going with the flows for that as they are pretty thin. The TrekSports feel just like the KSO's to me except the sole feels sturdier. I will use them for hiking/trekking solely and just use my KSOs for water stuff.