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Should I buy meat online?

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    Originally posted by Tec26 View Post
    Is it considered safe?
    It’’s best to start by choosing a reputable company for your purchase.You can also use the internet to search for feedback on any company from which you are considering placing an order. Bad feedback makes the rounds quickly, so if it’’s there, you’’ll probably find it. Once you’’ve chosen a company for ordering meat online, ask them how they package their meat for shipment. Meat should always be shipped cold or frozen and should be packed along with some sort of cold source, like dry ice or gel freezer packs in order to maintain its temperature. Most of the time, meat shipped from reputable companies is ‘“flash frozen’” and then packaged promptly and shipped. This is the most desired process for shipping meat. If you can’’t find specific shipping information on the internet, feel free to make a call along with your first order and ask the company representative to describe their freezing and shipping process and be sure it meets all safety requirements.

    Originally posted by Tec26 View Post
    Is it a rip off?
    Ordering meat online means you’’re probably going to pay a higher price than if you purchased it in a store. That’’s because they’’re often offering prime cuts. You can sometimes expect to pay up to $20 per steak for perhaps a ‘“special reserve’” filet mignon or similar cut. You’’ll also need to figure in the shipping costs, which can be fairly high because quick shipping means fresh meat.

    If you know of a good butcher in your city, make him your friend. A good butcher will hold the best cuts for you or might even cut them to order. If you can't find a real butcher locally, I recommend you to check these online shops- Snake River Farms, Steaks and Game, Chicago Steak Company, Certified Steak and Seafood Company


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      Hi Yafa. Feel free to reply to whatever thread you like. Your info is valid. However this particular thread is from 2012 and was only revived by a spammer and the original poster hasn't been around since 2014, so it's unlikely he's gonna see your answer.
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