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UK - Horizon "Did cooking make us human?"

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  • UK - Horizon "Did cooking make us human?"

    Just a heads up for the Brits 9pm, BBC2.

    Did Cooking Make Us Human? Documentary questioning whether humanity's taste for cooked food has contributed to its development into the smartest species on the planet. The programme examines the anatomical and neurological changes that took place during human evolution, and examines the possibility that they were brought into effect by a developing diet

    Category Documentary

    Director Charles Colville

    Executive Producer Andrew Cohen

    Producer Charles Colville

    BBC2 London 9:00pm-10:00pm (1 hour ) Tue 2 Mar

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    There had to be some environmental reason why our brains evolved so rapidly and meaningfully and it would be by doing something no other animal were doing. We hunted, we ate, we played, mated, sometimes went to war, that's about it. We were cooking our food and no other animal was.

    Then again we would have had to be pretty smart already to cook our food. I'd like to see their case.

    Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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      The book of the same title by Richard Wrangham is excellent.

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        ....they've just reconstructed jaws of various prehistoric hominids and tested the teeth with carrots and meat, ace!

        Edit - Richard Wrangham is onscreen now narrator has introduced him as "controversial" but hey, he's on!

        Horizon are normally good at covering science in depth but in an accessable way.


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          Thanks for sharing! Will take a look later at iplayer if it works!

          M x


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            Good programme. They showed that today's humans can't survive on raw fruit and veg because their digestive systems are not design to. The hunter/gatherer tribe they showed looked really healthy.

            They did a test comparing raw and cooked potato and showed how much extra sugar is released in the cooked. Of course is didn't make the point that you don't get the sugar with meat, but you do get the additional nutrition. They tended to vilify our diet today in terms of fat. Worth watching though. Lots of footage of steaks!

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              Sourcing now...

              Btw I also suggest "Living with the Kombai Tribe"

              It's about two westerners who join a HG tribe. Really good insight into how it really is.


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                Uh, gross. I just finished watching on iplayer - what was with showing the close-ups of people eating over and over again? It made me sick to my stomach. Other than that, it was a pretty good show, though I wish they'd gone into more detail into the science rather than showing all those pointless eating shots.

                I thought the experiment of the effect of the different levels of fat on the brain was really interesting. No wonder people can't stick to low-fat diets!


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                  There is a Bitorrent download available at .

                  If you aren't familiar with torrent downloads, please don't ask to explain.


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                    Richard Wrangham came to speak in my area a while back and I, out of the blue, went to see him. He's a genius, and a funny one.
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