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    No kids here, so take this as you will. You sounded really frustrated in your first post - hopefully that was just a bad day... but if it wasn't and this is normal behavior what have you done to curb it? Are you using the same methods you always do? I know it isn't the best analogy but the same way I bet you didn't eat primal forever and listened to "CW" for a long time on the best way to eat maybe there is some sort of "alternative" parenting you can try - go to the library and flip through books for ideas, try the web, watch that Nanny show or something... Another bad analogy - my boyfriend and I have a dog. He is less consistent than I am with training. The dog is usually more of a nuisance around him. Maybe it is time for a sit down with the inlaws and husband and have a good long talk about the importance of consistency and establish a set of ground rules - like no dumping toys in the garage

    Anyway, good luck

    Edit: just realized i'm being a bad adult and not addressing your actual question about eating. Here is my suggestion for that. Write down how crappy you felt the last time you ate chocolate in response to stress. Bullet out how you feel - pissed off, frustrated, disappointed, whatever. Or maybe write it in letter form to yourself. And the next time you are reaching for that chocolate read that letter. Sometimes this helps me
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      Getting active could definitely help. Essentially, do something to take you away from the food. Don't kep the garbage in the house either. If you need treats in the house for other family members, get things you don't like.
      And I get being frustrated with kids. No twins here, but an almost 2yo boy and 4yo girl and I'm a SAHM. When they start acting out and doing things you all know they shouldn't do, try to find a reason. Are they bored? Are they looking for attention? Nice job with the "natural consequences" - you mess it up, you clean it up. We all have bad days, so hopefully things are looking up now.
      I get it with the toys too. My kids already have SO many toys and I can't come up with anything to get my almost 2yo for his birthday this month. We will be having a garage sale next month. Have the kids help you go through their toys and donate them. Try "hiding" toys by putting them out of sight for a while. If it isn't asked for after 3/6 months, then donate it.


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        Primalize your pantry and consider eating in a window, gives structure to your daily eating:
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          No kids myself either, so I don't blame you in the least for taking this with a boulder of salt. I think the punching bag honestly sounds like a great idea. Work out some tension and get the heart rate up in a good way at the same time. Also, wondering if maybe you could be suffering from a bit of a hormonal imbalance? Pregnancy and birth do such crazy things to a woman's body. I stress eat only just before that lovely time of month and I've found what works best for me is a glass of water, hopefully an opportunity to go outside, and yes, maybe a little chocolate. Never feel guilty about the chocolate in my book


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            Sounds like your twins have a huge amount of energy not being let out in a healthy way. Do you have them in sports or some other kind of extra-curricular activity? Maybe if they like drawing on the walls buy some chalk and get them to draw on the concrete/asphalt driveway (presuming you have one)? As for the binge eating all I can suggest is substituting healthy things in the cupboards and fridge instead of cookies/chocolate cake that your husband seems to lovingly provide thinking its something you want. Have a talk with him about it.