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Cholesterol numbers up a bit

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  • Cholesterol numbers up a bit

    Just received blood test results and they are up a bit on last years results. It is a little concerning that my HDL went down a little, and the LDL rose a little, but at least the Triglycerides stayed the same, quite low.
    Have been eating the animal fats and coconut oils, butter, but haven't yet cut out all grains (eat the occasional slice of bread), and drink oodles of raw milk. So maybe it is time to cut back on the lovely creamy Jersey milk.
    Asked for the breakdown on the LDL (big and fluffy or small and dense) and no one over here in Australia knew what I was talking about. So hoping they are big and fluffy.

    Total Cholesterol 6.5 (251.35)
    HDL 1.95 (75.4
    LDL 4.31 (166.66)
    TRI 0.5 (44.28)
    Total/HDL ratio 3.3

    Total Cholesterol 8.4 (324.82)
    HDL 1.87 (72.31)
    LDL 5.22 (201.85)
    TRI 0.5 (44.28)
    Total/HDL ratio 4.5

    Woops, looks like I posted this in the wrong forum, and don't know how to move it, will repost in nutrition.
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