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A Great Irish Cookbook

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  • A Great Irish Cookbook

    Hi All,

    I got this cookbook for Christmas. It's not a paleo cookbook but many of the recipes are naturally quite primal. Darina Allen is a very well known and respected chef in Ireland. It even has a section on offal and promotes lots of butter usage! My sister also has this cookbook (she doesn't eat primal at all) and she describes it as the only cookbook you'll ever need. Just thought I'd let you all know if you're looking for some new inspiration in the kitchen!

    Ballymaloe Cookery Course: Darina Allen: 9781856267298: Books


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    Thanks for sharing. I think my next cookbook purchase will be the Good Housekeeping like yours, not primal but I was thumbing through my mums copy the other day and it has breakdowns into fat/carb/protein content and seems to have quite a few low carb recipes and many others wouldn't take much altering to be primal.


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      Hey thanks.. seems to be quite a similar book. I'd be interested to see the difference between a classic American cookbook and and Irish one. :-)