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    I thought I'll start this thread for all the moms-to-be to share pregnancy-related info. If you have books, movies, websites, forums, concepts you recommend, please share them here.


    * Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck - quick read, very primal advice if you omit the grains

    * The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff (yet to read)


    * Business of Being Born (yet to watch)



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    Good good. I will add to it when I get home. Hard to do links and stuff from the phone.

    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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      So this doesn't really apply for the pregnancy portion anymore but here's a list of things I currently CAN NOT live without for my (now 1 month!) newborn:

      1) Kiddopotamus Swaddler ( - DEAR GOD this thing is a lifesaver. Regular swaddlers come undone no matter how tightly we wrap him and the other swaddlers with velcro are all too big. This one is perfect for a newborn. We now have two and wish we had more (for blowouts, he blows out like a champ!).

      2) "The Happiest Baby on the Block" book ( - I picked this up on a whim and OMG it's helped a LOT. Skip the first seven chapters if you don't care the history of man and biological reasons behind it stuff and just start reading the HOW.

      3) White noise machine/ hair dryer / laptop set to the SIMPLY NOISE website - White noise for the win! He HATES-HATES-HATES the quiet. See "Happiest Baby" for possible reasons why.

      4) Medela Breastpump ( - More expensive? Yes. Worth every frickin' penny in time saved? HELL YES. I started out with the Avent pump and DAMN those things are top-heavy and SLOW. Good if you don't plan on pumping frequently but at least the Medela allows you to buy different sized nipple cones. Believe it or not, different sizes really do make a difference in comfort. Who knew?

      4A) Milkmaid Tea ( - I started drinking it the day I gave birth and had my milk in completely about two and a half days later. I also pumped every three to four hours using the hospital pump.

      5) Moby Wrap - Very primal, very easy to use, esp if you look up HOW TO videos on YouTube, and super portable. ( If you don't want to spend the money on a new one, they're easy to make yourself. I consider the money well spent for the lack of hassle. We don't own a stroller, we use the Moby instead. Also, the baby LOVES it and it keeps him safe and warm and close to Mom/Dad.

      6) This sleeping/feeding tag-team the baby schedule (

      7) Lanolin - Save your money, don't buy the stuff you can get at the baby stores. This is the exact same stuff for WAY cheaper (

      8) A good breastfeeding consultant - The hospital will probably offer you the services of a bfing consultant. Take them up on it but if you're still having trouble a week later GO SEE ANOTHER ONE. I struggled with breastfeeding for a MONTH before I broke down and saw a new breastfeeding consultant. $140 for three sessions. Worth. Every. Penny. She explained that all the things she was teaching me would've been taught by "tribe elders" in the old days but in today's separatist society yada-yada-yada. Worth it.

      9) Snag a peri-bottle from the hospital or have someone buy you one from a CVS/Walgreens. You will feel swampy and gross. A peri-bottle will fix that. Also, if you can, snag an extra set or two of the mesh panties. Take my word on it, you won't want to walk much right away and they'll keep your bits aired out, even with the huge honking pads you'll have to use stuffed in 'em.

      10) Buy your favorite heavy-flow pads BEFORE you go into labor. Set them aside and keep a small handful handy. The hospital will provide you with heavy pads but you might want to use your own. Also you will need them when you get home and having the hubby get you some at 3am is not the best option.


      Other tips include:

      - Prepare primal meals in advance and freeze them. I ate like ass from the day I delivered until just recently.

      - Have primal snacks on hand for breastfeeding. I thought cravings during pregnancy were bad. I'll be in the middle of breastfeeding and will suddenly want to chew my husband's arm off for protein. Jerky, nuts, and cracklins will be your new best friends.

      - Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. You WILL be bloated for the first week after you give birth as your body flushes all the extra fluid out. DRINK WATER because it will help you pee it out faster. Take my word for it. Jiggly feet swollen with fluid are gross and weird. DRINK WATER.

      - Use Your Family and Friends - If they offer to take hte baby for a few hours, TAKE THEM UP ON IT. We don't have any family here since all our family is back in the midwest. We are DESPERATELY missing them. You will need to sleep/shower/eat. LET THEM HELP YOU. I (literally) went a little crazy without help. So don't make my mistake.

      - Keep an eye out for PPD/Baby Blues. You will be hormonal. There's no shame in needing help. Cry if you need to and stay in touch with your doctor if you think you might be developing PPD. Remember, way back when there was a whole tribe of women helping each other out. Nowadays we take too much on ourselves. The end result of this is possible PPD. So keep an eye out for it. I didn't, was in denial, and ended up in the doctor's office. So just be careful.


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        OH! I forgot to add this:

        Breastfeeding wristband. Totally worth it. No fussing with pen and paper or safety pins to remember which boob to feed off of next.



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          No need for this just use the trusty method I use jiggle them, whichever one is heavier is the one we use

          The Brewer Diet also has some good info, although grain heavy they do emphasize lots of protein , liver , and eggs all invaluable for the fat soluble vitamins that a baby needs.

          Oh, and I just have to say this if your baby is exceedingly fussy PLEASE look into food intolerances. I almost went batpoop crazy w/ #1, literally crazy. He was milk intolerant and now I know Celiac. With #2 I figured it out by 1 month that she was milk intolerant-(so I took it ALL) out of my diet the difference in sleep, mood, poop everything was AMAZING. I have been gluten and dairy free since before #3 was born and she is an absolute dream- sleeps like a dream, beautiful yellow seedy bf poop, no rashes, perfect complexion, hardly if ever cries. So, keep that in the back of your head milk is the #1 intolereance and allergy in babes.

          Mama to 4, wife to my love


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            Gentle Birth Choices is a good book as well, along w/ Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.

            Never underestimate the power of kegels. DO THEM! I personally had no urge to push, whatsoever. I think the number one reason I was able to push my ds out was my kegel practice. Those muscles were so strong! And that is the first kind of 'workout' you should practice after your child is born, once you can feel those muscles again...

            Like kam mentioned, I LOVED my moby when my son was a newborn--he lived in it. Also a good sling is something not to be w/out!

            La Leche League. I made the mistake of focusing ONLY on the birth, not the aftermath (including breastfeeding.) If there is one thing I would have done differently, it would have been to have attended laLeche League meetings and read/learned more about breastfeeding. Number one bfing tip: when your baby wants it, nurse him/her. Even if it's every 3 minutes. Even if it's constant. Learn to nurse lying on your side. And sleep when baby sleeps!

            And the number one book I would personally recommend to all moms to be (esp. if you're interested in being a more 'primal' kind of parent) is _Our Babies, Ourselves_. I only WISH I had read it pre-pregnancy. It's amazing, a bit scientific/anthropological, but full of great info on how cultures across the globe parent (in ways very different from cultures in the West). Helped me realize why I had all these urges to break the parenting norms of my culture, and helped me to really be the parent I wanted to be, instinctually.

            Oh, and an excersize ball. You can use it during pregnancy (as a comfy seat), during labor, and after. (I recall bouncing w/ my babe on it to help him fall asleep when he had a period of refusing the breast, and it worked like a charm...Got the idea from _Happiest Baby on the Block_ which kam mentioned...)


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              Thank you so much for all the suggestions! Great, great advice!

              I watched Dr.Michael Odent interviewed on Business of Being Born and I checked out some of the reviews on Amazon. All his books are highly recommended.


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                A friend sent me this link yesterday. It has a lot of information on breastfeeding:



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                  Ironically, Weston Price web-site gave Nina Planck's book a not so good review.

                  Interesting topic though. Keep 'em coming


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                    CC69, here's her response to the review:


                    Btw, how have you been? You been AWOL for sometime.


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                      Book suggestions from



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                        Here are the books/movies I like:


                        The Business of Being Born

                        Orgasmic Birth

                        Happiest Baby on the Block (better than the book)

                        Baby Books

                        Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

                        Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

                        The Nursing Mother's Companion

                        Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

                        Your Best Birth

                        Parenting Books

                        Free Range Kids

                        Screamfree Parenting

                        Parenting With Love and Logic


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                          Thanks for the suggestions Amandamarie! Our library does not have Orgasmic Birth , but will look for the other movie and books.


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                            My wife has prepared for our birth (in one month) doing everything listed above. I mean everything. However I wanted to state that taking a Birth Works class was the catalyst for knowing about everything above. Check them in your area.

                            Regarding movies, if you see Pregnant in America, keep in mind that the director seems to push himself in the direction they head at the end. Other than that, the movie has tons of stats and is interesting. Biased and if you are a skeptic, you may not want to see this, but there are many truths in there if you can dig through all the hippies and punk rockers they seem to find to validate their "I hate hospital" perspective. Still looking for Orgasmic Birth and Happiest Baby movie. Reading the book now.

                            5 S's Dan; 5 S's...



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                              Happiest Toddler on the Block is a pretty good read. I'm about halfway through it now and it's incredibly interesting in a very primal way - he discusses how the three years of toddlerhood mimic man's evolution from caveman to villager. Actually, it might be something Mark might find interesting to, now that I think about it.

                              Also, I cannot stress enough how AWESOME the FreeRangeKids blog is. Lenore is a classy, funny lady with a good, sensible head on her shoulders.