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"The Paleo Answer" by Loren Cordain

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  • "The Paleo Answer" by Loren Cordain

    I just discovered (and bought) this new book by Loren Cordain, "The Paleo Answer" Seems that no one mentioned it here yet.

    Anyone here who has already read it? Compare it to other primal books, or especially to Cordains older books?

    I am currently reading "Primal body, primal mind", but this one will be my next.
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    I just finished the book a week ago. I thought it was great. Although I read it cover to cover, I think it works better as a reference book. There is a detailed contents at the front of the book that allows you to hunt out areas of interest. He has made some significant modifications on his previous work and does an excellent job of answering many of the common questions or areas of doubt in the modern Paleo diet.
    It does get a tad repetitive (hence why I think it is good reference tool), due to the fact, I guess, that most of what is discussed comes down to the common problem of gut health and therefore autoimmune issues.
    For anyone who has read his earlier books, it is a must read to see how for things have moved on. I read his books after some of the more recent work from Mark or Robb Wolf and felt it was in some areas, not 100% on the mark. However, this book really shows how smart this man is and how he is very much a big hitter in the Paleo world.
    There is a good interview with Loren Cordain on Robb Wolf's website, (podcast 112), regarding his book.