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primal blueprint cookbook - dairy free but contains cheese, etc, confused??

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  • primal blueprint cookbook - dairy free but contains cheese, etc, confused??

    hi there

    i am really confused by this. in the primal blueprint it says to stay away from dairy, butter, cheese, egg whites etc. then in the primal blueprint cookbook, a lot of the recipes include lots of egg whites, cheeses etc. i am just starting this diet and trying to do it properly but am very confused. am i reading into this the wrong way?

    please help!! thankyou


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    Here is Mark's stance on dairy: The Definitive Guide to Dairy | Mark's Daily Apple. You can find more of his posts by searching at the top right of the homepage.

    Generally, if you're not lactose intolerant, it's ok to use full-fat (raw if you can get it) dairy in moderation. It can severely slow weight loss, so you might want to stay away entirely if that is your goal.


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      Some recipes quite legitimately use only the egg white, just like some only use the yolk (I mean generally, not just Primal). If a recipe calls for a whole egg use the whole egg, if it calls for a white use a white, if it calls for a yolk use a yolk.
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        You're reading it the wrong way

        Mark says to avoid dairy if it causes you problems and to stick to the high fat low sugar dairy if it doesn't. E.g. Ghee, butter, full fat cream, full fat greek yoghurt, whole raw milk.
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        Originally posted by tfarny
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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          thanks for your replies guys