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  • F.lux like effects for mobile devices

    I’m a college student, and after Mark posted about F.lux a while ago on the blog, I checked it out. I enjoyed how removing blue light reduced evening monitor strain on my eyes. Also, I have no proof, but I feel like I get tired sooner and no longer find myself spending late nights browsing on my computer. I longed to duplicate it on my phone as I am often up late doing homework only to be blinded by my phone when I get a text. Also, for a few minutes after i get in bed, I like to text some before finally falling asleep, but can't stand the blinding blue light from my phone. I've found the solution using an android app called Cf.lumen.

    However, like I said this is for android phones. If you are an iPhone user I believe you can get f.lux for your mobile device. I’m not sure how to do it, but I think you could find more information here.

    Additionally, this app requires root access. If you’re not sure what root is then you don’t have it. To find more information about rooting and whether it is a good idea to do this to your device check this out.

    This app is is only reported to have been tested on some devices, but its likely that it will work on most all modern devices. Cf.lumen works as an add on to the app Chainfire3D(pro). (All these apps are available in the market). And yeah, it’s the pro version...That means it will cost you a total of $3.99. I don’t really mind paying for it though. These apps can do a lot more than just adjust the RGB and Kelvin of your screen. See the listing in the market of Chainfire 3d pro and Cf.lumen for info on all the goodies they can get you.

    Finally, if you mess up your phone, it’s your fault, not mine.

    If you’re good with all that above, and you’ve got root access, go ahead and install Chainfire 3d (first you need to install the free Chainfire 3d, do not try to install the pro version first) from the market. Also, when you run these apps for the first time be sure to allow their superuser requests.

    After installing Chainfire 3d, upgrade to the pro version by installing it from the market, and then install Cf.lumen from the market.

    At this point if you haven't created any recent backups of your current ROM it might be a good idea to do that. Its different for different devices so just google how to do it if you're not yet sure.

    Once everything is installed, If you haven’t already, open Chainfire 3d and allow its request for superuser. Then, Click “CF3D driver” and pick “install” and then “install”. After the reboot, if your network location settings are not enabled, do that now (From the home screen hit Menu>settings>Location and then check "Use wireless networks). Otherwise, start Cf.lumen, allow its superuser request, and then click “Location”. After it updates sun up/down times, go ahead and check enable. There are many additional settings in Cf.lumen and Chainfire3D to mess with. Enjoy!
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    Cyanogenmod also features built-in display tweaks that can do similar things. I have a button on my tools screen that automatically enables red-tint mode for much the same effect.
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