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+++Confession time and help needed+++

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  • +++Confession time and help needed+++

    I love the Primal lifestyle, but I must confess. I have a few concerns.

    I started the PB lifestyle at roughly 150. I'm now 147 after six weeks (was as low as 145). I'm 5'10 and almost 42 years of age. My ultimate goal is to get down to 6-8% bodyfat and then add more muscle to the frame and go closer to 150/160 lbs.. Because of my age, I'm at an estimated 16-21% bodyfat(I'm keeping in mind Mark's post on measuring ab fat and how it pushes against those as they age and I do question the validity of that number). I have some abdominal fat that just won't go away. I have 5 girls which do little to help the stress/cortisol levels I suspect I possess.

    My typical diet is the following:

    Breakfast: 3 omega-3 eggs, 3 slics of bacon, a few peppers or onions or mushrooms, cream with berries and 5-6 fish oil capsules. I usually have coffee with cream (occasionally adding sweetener but attempting to get off that totally)

    Mid-morning snack: For the past 6 weeks I've been adding mixed nuts into my mid-morning routine - almonds, walnuts, pecans and maybe some jerky

    Lunch: Usually a big ass salad or left overs from the nut before

    Mid-afternoon snack: same as mid-morning snack

    Dinner: Sensible primal meal of meat, veggies, salad

    I typically work out after the kids go to bed, around 8, and workouts vary from 10-50 minutes. I strive for 6 workouts per week, but my energy levels are ebbing away from me lately. After my workout I'll have a whey protein, low carb shake or perhaps just some almonds and jerky. My workouts vary from doing P90X weight resistance workouts, kettlebells, TRX modified routines and also I'm doing the 100 pushups program.

    I guess my main concerns are on my energy levels, my bodyfat percentage and hunger. I have done some Intermittent Fasting, but I still have this habit of 6 meals that is harder to shake when the energy levels are down. I'm guessing my metabolism is higher since I'm hungry, but I question if I'm eating too many nuts or if I should eat a larger portion size at my main meals. I have to admit that I obsess about the next meal (again perhaps I'm just having a hard time breaking the habit of 6 meals a day?)

    I realize some of these questions are difficult to answer due to a lack of more specifics, but in theory I'm looking to my tribe to assist with any theories you might have. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Have you tried using Fitday or Dailyburn to track a few days food intake? Then you'd be able to see the breakdown of the numbers

    Errr how are you sleeping habits?

    I would also say that perhaps you're overtraining, as in not enough rest days, but I'm not a gym bunny so feel free to ignore that!

    Personally, nuts give me the munchies and trigger hunger / cravings, is this something you notice with AND without nuts in your meals/snacks?