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An interesting / frustrating TED Talk

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  • An interesting / frustrating TED Talk

    His argument - too much meat and junk food - not enough carrots. We don't need meat or junk food for health.

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    Interested link.

    The speaker confuses modern industrial farming with meat itself. He ignores also the impact of grain farming and industrial farming on the environment or assumes there is none?

    An interesting counter view for several of his points is expressed in "The Vegetarian Myth" it has been reviewed here and other places.

    A very good read for anyone interested in food politics. It gives an alternative view to health and animal products as well as environment and farming.

    Also, TED has some pretty far out stuff and it's goal is to expose people to different ideas, some of them ground-breaking and sometimes radical points of view. Every talk on TED is someone's opinion of what could be or what they think should be. Just because it is there doesn't mean it is true, accepted, or proven.

    Given this, I am a big fan of TED in general. Some Talks have shifted my paradigm on a number of topics. (The talk you mention is not one of them that shifted any paradigms for me).