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Stuck on PC @ Night / Himalayan Salt Lamps - what do you think?

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  • Stuck on PC @ Night / Himalayan Salt Lamps - what do you think?

    I recently finished reading this article on blue light at night affecting circadian rhythms:

    How Light Affects Our Sleep | Mark's Daily Apple

    .. and I have a question: I just recently started using this Himalayan salt lamp in the evenings when I am working on my PC: Round Basket Lamp filled with Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Chunks

    Essentially, it is a wire basket with a light bulb in the center and than a lot of large pink salt rocks from Pakistan surrounding it.

    It feels quite "primal" having it next to me -- when it is on it looks like the orange coals of a campfire. Dos anybody think there is much benefit in this? I was thinking of possibly getting a couple more.

    Also, as I can't avoid working on the computer in the evenings, are there anythings I can do to improve my situation short of distorting the colors on the screen with F.Lux or orange tinted glasses? Would there be a particular desktop background/color scheme that would be more beneficial for example?

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    From the amazon photos is appears it would take more than a few of these to provide enough light for you to work by, so from a practical standpoint I think yellow tinted lenses would be more useful. However, if you like the ambience and price isn't an issue, then I don't see the harm in using these instead of conventional lightbulbs.


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      I'd just go with f.lux or the glasses personally but if you just can't get used to that then go for a low contrast set of colors like a grey background with black text. And turn the brightness down on your monitor as much as you comfortably can.

      And I love the lamp! That is very cool looking!


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        I bought one for my mom to use as a night light. I would like one but my girlfriend would probably be bothered by it. I would also like to try the blue light wake up devices but that wouldn't jive with her or our schedules either not to mention they are pricey. I don't believe the salt lamps have any measurable health benefits like they sometimes claim but they do look cool.

        Groktimus Primal's Experience


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          I agree that the health benefits of salt lamps should be taken with a "grain of salt". The main reason that I got one is it is the closest thing I can find to have that campfire feeling while working on the PC.

          I installed the F.lux app and will give that a try too. I'd been avoiding it because I do a lot of Photoshop work but, I guess, I will keep hitting the "disable for an hour" button or exit the app when I'm in a long stretch.

          One other thing I found which is interesting and am using now is one of these orange bulbs as a backlight behind my monitors:

 Feit Electric BPESL13T/O 13-Watt Compact Fluorescent Mini Twist Orange Bulb

          With the whole combination of the salt lamp, the orange bulb and the Flux it feels like a pretty good lighting environment right now for late evenings at least.