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Anatimi - the Circadian Rhythm App

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  • Anatimi - the Circadian Rhythm App

    Hi Everyone,

    Mark writes a lot about circadian rhythms and their importance to healthy living, but most of our schedules are still dictated by work times and other commitments. To help fellow Paleos live more in sync with their circadian rhythms, a friend from Intel and I developed an app that displays your body's unique natural daily rhythm.

    Based on advanced chronobiological research and your precise real-time location relative to the sun (to which your "body clock" is set), Anatimi determines your unique chronotype and optimal sleep, wake, energy peak and energy dip times every day. By making small adjustments to your daily schedule with Anatimi, you can live (like Grok) by your natural circadian rhythm to sleep better, play harder and work more productively.

    Anatimi is designed by Paleos, for Paleos, so I'd love to hear what you all think about the app!

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    Cool, will check it out and let you know!


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      Any plans to make this into a Iphone/Ipod touch app?
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        We're currently getting an iOS version off the ground, I'll definitely spread the word when we publish on the app store. Until then, all Groks using Android are welcome to give Anatimi a go!


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          iPhone/iPad, please!