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Cruising around Tesco this evening ...

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  • Cruising around Tesco this evening ...

    One for the UK primals ...

    While cruising around my local and newly expanded Tesco, I found all manner of primal delights. They've opened a huge World Foods section - Indian, Thai, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean, African, Polish, Russian and so on ... all the ethnic groups prevalent in my city.

    Yours may be the same ... worth checking out!

    First up - Kefir ... and Smetana (a soured cream):

    ... the ubiquitous coconut oil:

    ... and ghee:

    ... and for fans of safe starches - yam, farina, potato and rice flour:

    ... and puffed rice:

    But, what's this? Fish heads? Yay! Fish heads!

    If yours is not the same ... and you're within distance of Bradford, check out the Great Horton store on Great Horton Road. That's the A647 out of Bradford.

    "... needs more fish!"

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    ... and something for Guinness fans which is not even close to primal, but probably a lot of fun:

    Oh, and grotting around the offal section:


    "... needs more fish!"


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      Lucky you, my local tesco only does coconut oil that costs almost 6 per jar.
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        This is a well stocked store and the prices seem OK although the conversion to US$ is largely irrelevant. Stores that cater to immigrant groups seem to be more primal friendly to begin with.
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          WOW! I'm really impressed with that Tesco's!!!! And New Zealand Lamb hearts too. You're on to a winner!
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            I love the ethnic sections. The Polish stuff always makes me think of home (originally from germany, close enough), and they are always good for interesting food options, rather than the boring standard.
            Sadly my local Sainsburys has barely anything. My boyfriends Tesco is so so. A friends Asda though has everything the world can offer (plus there are actual ethnic stores in his neighbourhood too. Must visit him more often really.


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              There are loads of Poles in Bradford, many from immediately after the second world war. Bradford has had an established Polish population for such a long time and it's quite funny that once Poland joined the European Union, the new wave of Poles were not well accepted by the established generation. There's been a locally famous Polish Deli in Bradford since before I was born.

              The supermarkets cater for so many local populations now, but dropping into Pakistani shops for spices and ghee, or a Polski Sklep for sauerkraut, sausages and beetroot is always fun.

              I'm very impressed with what my local Tesco has put together. I'm a big fan of African food, too, which is basically fish or meat stews ... with chilli, and it's good to see African ingredients turning up now. Shito is a hard jar to come by (it's shrimp and chilli in oil, if you wondered), but available now at my local supermarket. Good to see Kefir and Smetana, too.

              Back to the hearts - I'd rather see Welsh lamb hearts on the shelf than some that have flown around the world to get on my plate.

              "... needs more fish!"


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                I wish my local Tesco did these sorts of things! Having said which, I can get buttermilk and kefir, and occasionally ghee, but that's about it. I keep asking if they'll start to stock coconut oil, but they're reluctant. They do stock offal, but at the moment it's all pre-frozen and goes rank very quickly - my local butcher is much better and cheaper for that (and he gives away fat for making lard and tallow!).


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                  i wish my southern, american grocery store would do this. please give me your store

                  just mail it all here
                  yeah you are

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                    Our Tesco is almost as good and does loads of Polish and Eastern European food as Bognor has a huge community. No coconut oil though but I'm going this am so I'll ask. And for all of you in the US just be patient Tesco are slowly taking over the world.........


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                      Yeah, our Tescos have always been good for things like that too but haven't been for a while because I try to shop there as little as possible. Might pop in soon to see what they have now though. We are pretty lucky here, we have a great Asian supermarket and at least one Polish deli, as well as Polish sections in all the supermarkets-great fermented pickles!
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