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Best first paleo/primal book?

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    I haven't read it yet so cannot recommend it but for the price w/ giveaways I ordered 3 copies of the new book. 2 already earmarked and then perhaps I'll get my copy of the original back.

    I found Taubes' Why We Get Fat to be a concise, easy read and while some here quibble w/ the science as a layperson I found it informative. I especially like the treatment of the blame the patient/moralistic tone that so much of the bad advice takes. People come to this from many different directions but fat folks need to hear that message.
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      The Paleo Diet, by Loren Cordain -- This was the book that launched a million words; that is, it is the book that set the paleo diet on the proverbial map.

      The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf -- At times the book can be a bit sophmorish, but that doesn't detract from a wealth of information stored in its pages.

      The New Evolution Diet, by Arthur De Vany -- Hard-hitting but friendly, and full of anthropological references, scientific information, and compelling encouragements to eat after the fashion of our ancestors.

      You said you've already read TPB, so I avoided listing it. It is a very good read, too.

      Wheat Belly has generated some controversy around the paleo/primal community, but I'm sure there's some good information in it. Personally, I'm going to get it from the library rather than buy it. The primary reason for that is because another respected figure in the paleo community, Melissa McEwan of Hunt.Gather.Love wrote a very revealing review of the book that challenges a lot of the misapplied logic and science within its pages. She notes the good points, but has some rather significant concerns about the misinformation in the book.

      And while Gary Taubes's research into the carbohydrate hypothesis are extremely well documented and sensible, his extreme low-carb solution only helps with immediate water retention loss. Low-carbing is fine for a time, but the paleo/primal diet eventually does better if the carbs are dialed up to a moderate level. Otherwise, the body starts to manufacture carbs to compensate for the loss. So as far as Taubes's books go, I would start with Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It. That book is much more accessible to people perhaps disinterested in the heavy load of sciencey stuff in Good Calories, Bad Calories.
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        ^Great reviews Kane. "Why We Get Fat" sounds like a good starter for my parents, though I don't think they're interested in taking any advice from me since I've always been "slim". Oh well, I'll keep nudging and keep myself educated in the meantime! I am going to request and B&N gift cards for the holidays
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          i'm gonna have to get DeVany's book now...
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            Found this old thread, looking for a book for a family member.

            Wish there were a better book out there. She is reading Atkins' original book, although that's probably a good book, he didn't really grasp the evolutionary basis? There's Cordain and I wanted to recommend that but then he recommends diet sodas and says no to saturated fat and salt? It would be nice if someone would write a book that didn't confuse people by adding in crap foods and demonizing real foods. Taubes is correct, but that's more of a history lesson and too logical/boring for the average person. Haven't seen Nora's book. Skimmed Primal Blueprint but found the writing style so so.


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              Not a book, but my original jumping-off point was the documentary Fat Head. It's on Hulu and YouTube, so it's pretty accessible.

              I think if I'd gone straight to Primal Blueprint, it would have been too much to take in--Fat Head ended up being a good ... beginner's introduction to primal, I guess.
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                Was looking thru The Perfect Health Diet yesterday.

                It seems pretty good, a good amount of archaeological evidence and such included, not just fluff. But didn't really understand why they were recommending so much starch and white rice??? WTF? They referenced some study saying Upper Paleolithic was chowing on a bunch of potatoes? Open minded so I'll read that reference when I get a minute but didn't think there was direct evidence of that...


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                  I think the first book I read was Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It", followed shortly there after by Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution" and then Loren Cordain's "The Paleo Diet" which eventually led me to read TPB....


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                    I read first, the Paleo life for Dummies... after that I read Mark's book...

                    I have ordered the Primal Connection and Rob Wolff's book. I hope to get them at the end of this week
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                      It Starts With Food by the Hartwigs might be good for someone who is "turned off" by the Grok analogy.

                      That and TPB are the two books I always recommend.
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                        I read the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf first, but would highly recommend the Primal Blueprint for your first book.

                        My wife however votes for Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. Its mainly a cookbook with about a 3 page definition of what paleo is and why you should eat that way. Thats enough for her.


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                          I've started my PALEO journey with this guide Books - The Food Lovers Kitchen and the results were amazing. My whole life changed and now I can say that I am a new person.


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                            I just read the Paleo Coach and it was great!
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