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    ^Haha I just realized how that's kind of silly re: 21 vs 30 days, but I guess 3 weeks seems somewhat more manageable than 4 to my little brain. Even 2 weeks is too long of a goal for me, I can only work in very small increments. I'm sure I've gone 7 days straight at 100% compliance to Primal diet philosophy, but the more I push myself to stay on track, the more I seem to cheat.
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      The 21 day plan, does it give a good enough base to get started while I read the much longer Primal Blueprint book?


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        I think so. It's pretty informative, and I'm seeing stuff I don't recall being in the other book.

        It's sad to see the ranking is starting to drop now after the initial rush. It's only one spot above Forks over Knives now in diet books and #33 overall.


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          Started a challenge on fat secret

          21 Day Body Transformation (Primal BluePrint)

          Come and join another 28 people that are starting the challenge in the next few hours. Give advice to the newbies and spread the primal word.

          I have the kindle version and have printed the journal.


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            I've reviewed the book here:

            21 days to save your life | Andy's Daily Orange


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              Bought the book also. As I've read PB and have the cookbooks, I'm using the book as a tool to bring DH on board. He thinks it's all too complicated and rigid, and the book makes Primal very easy for the uninitiated.