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The Elusive Disapearing Recipe (or, Recipe Organization)

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  • The Elusive Disapearing Recipe (or, Recipe Organization)

    I need an easy way to organize recipes that I come across on-line. The main reason for this, is that when I'm making shopping lists, I'd like to see recipes I want to try. Kind of like flipping through a super-organized cookbook that has only your favorite recipes.

    I've tried Google Calendar, but it's really only good for meal planning, and that's not what I'm looking for.

    I really dislike Evernote, it's really clunky, and feels like a stuffed, cluttered, file cabinet. It's really difficult to note what I want, and I can never find it when I need it.

    Right now my best bet has been Weebly (see Primal Organizer on my signature), and I LOVE IT. But nowadays I spend most of my time on Android tablet, and the editing interface doesn't quite work when I'm working from the tablet.

    Maybe if there's an easy way that I can put recipes on a... "waiting list"? An easy way to keep track of bookmarked recipes on my Android, and then when I get on my computer, I can put them on Weebly? That would be the easiest solution, I think.

    Easy to tag (by season, by course, by hoilday, by main ingredient, etc). I don't want to see summer recipes when it's winter.
    Easy to use both on computer and Android.

    Computer software. An Android app is OK, as long as it syncs to an website, and as long as that website can be edited from a computer without installing software.

    I can just copy-paste the URL and it will fetch the picture and brief description :-D Am I dreaming?
    "Add recipe name and recipe ingredients to shopping list". Not needed, but wouldn't complain!

    Thankee for your help.
    My smartphone makes me about $100 per month
    Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.

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    I just found out about Pinterest, it looks like it might work for me. Is anyone here able to send me an invite? Let me know by PM!
    My smartphone makes me about $100 per month
    Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.