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  • Phoenix, AZ grass-fed butcher

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to share a good tip for people in the valley. I found a great grass-fed butcher in downtown Phoenix. The place is called The Meat Shop ( at 202 E Buckeye Rd.

    All of their beef is 100% grass-fed, and so far everything I've gotten there has been delicious. I bought a 16-lb freezer box that had mixed cuts of pork and beef (the pork is soy- and corn-fed unfortunately), and have had a couple of chuck steaks and pork loin chops as well as some ground beef and polish sausage. Everything's been really tasty. Prices seem reasonable, less than you'd pay for grass-fed at a Whole Foods for sure, especially if you buy the bulk boxes. I'm going back once I get my next paycheck for a 40-lb. mixed beef box, which I hope will last me ~1 month and costs $250.

    The actual store is pretty tiny but they have a whole butchery operation in the back part you can see through a window, and the cashier (I think it was the owner, not sure) was a really nice guy. You definitely need to order ahead and pick up (the box I ordered took several days) if you want to get anything specific, otherwise you're limited to whatever's left in the little freezers for the day.

    Pretty cool place. I'm really excited to have access to decently-priced source of grass-fed beef where I don't have to buy half a cow at a time, so I thought I'd share.
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    Even pastured pork will likely include some degree of grain supplementation (hopefully organic), as most farms don't have enough other food scraps for the pigs to eat. Some farmers will take cobs of corn and kick it into the ground for the pigs to root out, thus allowing the pigs to till the soil and dig other goodies from the field to eat.

    I see your store occasionally gets lamb. If you're not a fan, I encourage you to try it again. I never was until a few years ago and now it's one of my favorite meats.

    Also, see if the store carries lard and beef tallow, both excellent cooking fats.


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      I hope you don't mind but I created an entry for it at Healthy Living Tribes - Page Profile - The Meat Shop . If you have the opportunity to come leave a review there (I don't want to copy-paste words that are not mine) or even put some other tips for AZ, that would be fantastic!


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        Phoenix, AZ Grass Fed Beef Delivered

        I have been getting home delivery of organic grass fed beef, wild caught seafood, organic chicken and more from Topline Foods for the last year and a half. They deliver all over the valley. I get the 100% organic grass fed beef but they also have an organic line that is finished with organic grains (so no GMOs!). I'm not a big pork person but I know that they carry a line of pork that is humanely raised with no antibiotics.

        Check them out because you can get only the cuts you want (don't have to buy a cow!) and the home delivery is so convenient and time saving! The quality is amazing - we hardly eat out anymore because the food I have at home is better than most restaurants!


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          WOW. Thanks X 100000!!! I checked Eat Wild, but it seemed that most of the farms only delivered to Tucson. I am going to head to The Meat Shop next week. It's kind of ridiculous how excited I am to have this information!


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            ANother thanks from a fellow Phoenician!
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              Thanks bro! Will have to look into it
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                Oooo this is all good to know I am from AZ from army wife and all I am currently in another state - moving back next year and might be in the valley! very helpful!!

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