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Pure, white and deadly - Yudkin. Are you interested in reading it?

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    Thanks for this (said to be invaluable) book, I'm looking forward to reading it.

    My reference to this book came from Sugar: The Bitter Truth, which was a great lecture.

    As much as I believe in, and enjoy living the life of, the primal blueprint/paleo lifestyle I hated feeling so against all forms of carbohydrates. Watching my family eat potatoes, rice, legumes, etc was more of a burden than I wanted it to be. I saw many counter-arguments in support of carbohydrates, including the oft-touted Japanese being healthy while eating tons of rice. I was having trouble convincing myself that carbohydrates are as extremely evil as sometimes touted.

    I've since started to see more of the real picture and see the real evil in fructose (meaning I'm much looser on lactose & glucose for now) -- specifically, added fructose in any form. Excluding fruits, I know now that my number one advice to anyone nutrition-wise is to steer clear of fructose. Essentially translating to: stay away from processed foods.

    I truly believe every lifestyle "diet" (which I consider a battle of religions at this point) can agree on avoiding processed foods, with a keen eye on avoiding fructose (again, excluding fruits).
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      Thank you for uploading that John Yudkin book. I wanted to read it but couldn't get a copy.Much appreciated. Stella


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        thank you for posting the book


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          Originally posted by diploid View Post
          Yudkin Pure White & Deadly

          Can somebody test the link and tell me that it works, please?
          I did and it worked! You're an angel - thanks so much. Been looking for it for about a year. Thank you!


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            Are you still working on this? I would truly love to be able to read this, as well...


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              I've heard it's going to be reprinted in the very near future.


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                Thank you! I've been wanting to read this for so long.
                "Fact is, we're the freaks, the misfit mutants surrounded by readily-available (and free) information about the evils of fat, the benefits of whole-grains etc. From an evolutionary point of view we're the weirdos with a short-life expectancy or we're trail-blazing a 'new' path." ~ AlanC

                "Paleo? Try it, but be wary of the cult mentality that comes with it. Paleovangelists are everywhere and a bit scary."


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                  Being reissued on November 1st 2012 ... Pure White And Deadly ... with new introduction by Dr Robert Lustig.


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                    Thank you so much for this ... I did buy this and read it when it was first published and think I knew after that that sugar really was instinctively ... well just wrong! Thanks for allowing me to re-visit this .