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  • Which book to buy?

    I am new to Primal. I love Mark's site and am considering to order his book. I wonder which book to buy: the original PB book or the 21 days plan book?

    Please advice.


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    I think the 21 day book doesn't come out until November. I'd say go ahead and get the "bible" now.
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      I would definitely start with the PB, regardless of whether or not the 21-day plan is available. You can't go wrong with the PB.
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        I agree with Griffin. Get PB now and start reading. Order the 21-day plan when it comes out, I know I will be!
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          Yup, get Primal Blueprint.

          Trust me, as you get more and more into this, you'll find more and more books that you've just got to have.

          My Kindle is proof.


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            Ditto. Mark's original Primal Blueprint is a must read for anyone interested in primal/paleo lifestyle.
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              Yeah, the PB book is awesome! And it is even very entertaining to read!
              And I have read a lot of fitness books and was skeptical about this one before getting it