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UK/Euro Dawn Simulators with no audio alarm?

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  • UK/Euro Dawn Simulators with no audio alarm?

    I have been using a Sunrise System 100 (UK) dawn simulator to help regulate my sleep cycle (along with low blue lights glasses which I learnt about on this forum). The SRS 100 has developed issues with being noisy (loud white noise and squealing) almost non-stop. It seems to be interference from something new in the neighbourhood as it only happens at my place - if I use it at someone else's place it is still perfectly quiet. I have considered removing the speaker but an electrician has advised me that the speaker may contain vital parts for the circuit and by removing the speaker I risk damaging it. I don't want to risk being without a dawn simulator so would rather get a backup before trying any surgery on my current one.

    So, I am currently looking for a new dawn simulator that does not contain a speaker. I am in Australia where we have mains 230V but 240V is within tolerance making UK/Euro devices suitable. I have found 2 US dawn simulators that contain no speaker but the voltage makes them unsuitable. I contacted the manufacturer of Lighten Up dawn simulators ( Sunrise simulator (dawn simulator) supplements your alarm clock. An inexpensive (cheap) treatment for SAD, shift work, winter blues, jet lag, or morning lethargy. An alternative to light boxes for $20. ) who told me that they don't make a 240V version and have tested them with voltage adapters without success. The other one is Sun Up Dawn Simulator ( SunUp Dawn Simulator by Pi Square ) for which I can't find a manufacturer's website (PiSquare) but it only seems to be sold on US sites.

    I am hoping there might be a UK/Euro model similar to the Lighten Up and Sun Up which someone here might know about. Or, maybe someone knows a way to get a US model to work with Aussie mains? Or, any other ideas?

    Any and all ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    There's Lumie in Cambridgeshire. I think they used to be called Outside In. AFAIK, these are the people that actually invented these devices.

    I haven't tried one myself, though I've been tempted to get one. It does say that the alarm beep is optional and can be turned off:

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      Thanks for your reply Lewis. My current one also has the option to turn the audio alarm off (and I've always kept it set to "off") but that doesn't stop the noise problem. I'd be very hesitant to buy another with an audio alarm built in as I won't know until I get it here whether it will pick up the interference or not.

      Also, something I left out of my first post - I do prefer the models which you plug your own lamp into so I can have a really bright light. Although, at this stage I'd say - beggars can't be choosers - so ANY type that doesn't have an audio alarm will be a contender.

      BTW Lewis - if you have trouble waking in the mornings you should give in to that temptation - they are awesome when they're working properly.


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        Thanks. I may well take that advice.

        As it happens, I don't have trouble that way. I've got into such a habit of getting my head down early that I tend to wake up early, too—well before the alarm.

        I have got blackout curtains, but they do still leak a bit and maybe it's natural light from the early dawn at this time of year round here waking me!

        I am vaguely interested in having one in order to move the time I'd set it at to actually match sunrise, so that my circadian rhythms would actually be in sync with the planet's movement, which seems like it might be a good idea. But in practice with work starting at set times by the clock that probably isn't practicable for me.


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          Maplin electronics used to do some decent converters for US to UK

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              I've got one from Phillips, if you need it to be silent, just turn the volume right down
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                I have a Philips HF3480 wake-up light which can simulate both sunset and sunrise. The audio can be turned off by setting the volume to 0. It's available from Amazon in the UK (see link). The light intensity can also be adjusted in 15 steps, depending on how light-sensitive you are and how far away the lamp is from where you sleep.
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                  I go the basic route: I don't have a "dawn simlulator". I just have a lamp with an incandescent 60 watt bulb (nice and warm-colored, like dawn) set up across the room. It's plugged into a timer like people use to turn on and off the lights while they are gone on a trip. I have it set up to turn on at 7 a.m. and off again at 7:30 a.m. Perfectly silent, except for a tiny click when it turns on. If the days are long, like this time of year, I leave the lamp turned off and I'm usually awake from light creeping in around the edges of the dark curtain. Half-dozing, I hear the little click and say, "Oh, it's 7 a.m." When the days get shorter, I'll turn the light back on.

                  At its best, I'm fast asleep, and then -- very quietly -- my eyes flicker open because the room is light.

                  If I have to wake up at a strange time I have a regular alarm on the electric clock I keep down near the floor (so the light won't bother me at night.) It has a simulated rushing stream which is really obnoxious. I usually wake up before it so I can turn it off.