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Foot Surgery and the barefoot runners/shoes

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    When I purchased the NB.. I tried on a pair of skel-e-toes. They did not have my exact size so the fit was bad. I will try another time though. We have one place in town that sells the five fingers and will check them out as well. So far though, these minimus NB shoes feel wonderful!!! Well, they feel like I am hardly wearing shoes and I guess thats the point.

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      Originally posted by athomeontherange View Post
      Now.. I did some research on my own as I have been going through this and have read success stories about folks who buy and wear daily the yoga sandals and slippers. Because they separate EACH toe AND support, there are a few that have seen positive results and a reversal.
      I had bunion surgery yesterday. Would you please post a link for these yoga sandals and slippers you mentioned?


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        In mid 50's now, I WAS a ballet dancer many years ago. Not long after, I began to have extreme pain in main lower big toe joint (Hallix Rigidus) and I suffered for many many years until I found a sports foot surgeon and felt I was in a stable enough position in my life - to depend I would BE somewhere for months at a time.

        I had major hacking off of bone spurs and smoothing out the huge lump of a joint on top and bottom and in a boot three months, at which same afternoon I got into running shoes, tried three types I had and began again. (distance runner, was doing 40-50 mpw previously)

        The ONLY one that worked was the absolutely ZERO drop (no change in front to back higher or lower - like barefoot) "Altra"
        and it's like a ballet practice shoe. Like barefoot. I control every place my screwed up and healing foot goes. I have a minimalist shoe also zero drop, but a bit stiffer, tiny bit, and it is excruciatingly painful. Threw out my two newer pair of Asics forever.

        I LOVE the "ballet shoes" and I love the way they empower me and allow my foot to relearn how to grab, grip and watch out naturally for things that would hurt it.

        Altra is so cool. I have the "Eve" model and won't ever go back to non-barefoot. Getting my other foot fixed two days from now, but will run today and tomorrow. Then it will be the long 3 month stretch again.