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    Hey guys, I am very interested in nutrition as with most of you thus why we are here but I am just wondering where you guys like to learn about nutrition ie. books, websites, journals etc... If so, would you mind sharing some of those resources.

    I love MDA but also check out;

    - Stephan Guyanette's wholehealthsource blog. Posts something usually every week but his work is indepth and super informative.
    - Underground Wellness - Sean Croxton. His Podcasts have some awesome guests.
    - Chris Masterjohn - Has some pretty good thoughts on cholesterol.
    - I like researching traditional diets such as the kitava, Okinawans, Masai, Inuit etc.
    - Chris Kresser - Healthy Skeptic.
    - Robb Wolf - Good blog, good podcasts. Very educational.

    Books; Good Calories, Bad Calories - Gary Taubes, Protein Power 1 & 2 - Eades. I find Protein Power a well written book but do disagree with a few things in it. But overall, good book.

    What I do want to do is learn a little bit more of the science behind nutrition ie. how the body functions, what does what etc... Any ideas on what some good resources that would summarize this nicely or should I just look into learning some bio, chem, physics etc?

    So these are some of my favourite resources. You guys have any other resources you think I would like?