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  • Question about vibrams

    Would vibrams be a good bet for festivals?

    I just went to Glastonbury. It was great... but most of the place was covered in wet mud half a foot deep. Everyone wears wellies, pretty much without exception. Walking miles a day in heavy rubber wellies (plus trying to dance in them) got pretty exhausting and I thought there had to be another way.

    So would vibrams be a good bet here? I'm never come into physical contact with them... would they mind being soaked in wet mud for five days straight without disintegrating/cracking? Would they be easy to clean? Would they stay warm?

    I was thinking of getting the watersports types because it seems akin to spending a few days constantly wading around.

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    I wear biker boots to festivals, i'm more worried about people stomping my feet! haha
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      Yeah I would be but the year before I wore strappy sandals the entire time and it was fine... unless you get right into the mosh pit you're basically OK I think.


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          I have the Vibram Sprints that I wear around for normal walking and hiking wear. I never have any pain from walking and standing all day, but they aren't exactly waterproof. Sometimes when I step on a soggy patch of lawn, the mud and water squishes up between my toes. Once it gets above the level of the rubber sole, wetness does soak through the fabric. And of course the sprints aren't well covered at the top so if its heavy muddy or wet, it could sneak down into the shoe from above. Some other models of the shoe, such as the KSOs, might have more water-proof fabric for the upper, as well as covering more of the foot.

          However the good news is that the shoes are easy to clean. Even if you dont have access to a washer, you might rinse them off at the end of every day and then hang them to dry overnight. And even if they dont dry all the way, thats not too much of a worry since theyre gonna get muddy again anyway.
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            I have KSOs and they are absolutely not waterproof. As far as staying on your feet in sucking mud, the KSOs would definitely stay on your feet better than Sprints. As they are completely of man-made materials w/no leather, I don't think there would be any issues w/them being wet for long periods of time.

            What you might want to consider, rather than paying a lot of $$ for something you may or may not like and may or may not ruin, is getting a cheapo pair of water shoes (like what people wear for pool walking?). This will likely do the same thing for you and cost a lot less--like less than $10 for these if you find them on sale.

            Hope you have a good time!
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