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    Hey guys I've read all the basic stuff on MDA and have been reading his daily posts for a while now and I'm thinking about getting the book but after already knowing all of the basics is the book really worth reading? How much more in depth does the book go than all the definitive guides and whatnot?

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    The really cool thing about Mark is that he gives you all the information for free. Everything in the book is talked about on the blog.

    I have all 3 of his books and the leap kit. I think they are all really good resources.


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      I did the same as you, read through most of the site first while I was waiting for the book from the library. The majority of what's in the book can be foun on the blog, but obviously it's all pulled together which makes it easier to follow for some, rather than skipping around from one article to another on the blog. You may also have missed a bit here and there.

      Personally I looked at it more as a consolidation of what I'd learned on the blog. Still worth a read even if you feel you have a good understanding already :-)
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      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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        I checked out the book from the library (luckily they had it and the cookbook too!). I didn't learn any new information from the book that I hadn't already read here. It was still an interesting read, like his story of Grok vs. the Korgs, but I could really skim through the other stuff.


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          I love the book. Yep, Mark tells you just about everything you need free right here, but the book consolidates it nicely, is a good read, and makes a great reference. Buy it!
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            I, too, have the book. The cookbook and quick-meals cookbook are in the post. I had the Blueprint on hold at the local library but I was number 4 in line and I'm way too excited to wait so we bought it. (We did check out the Cookbook, which we're no buying due to the recipe successes we've had) You can read most everything here on the forums but the books is a digest version. It's all in one place and it is handy to have a hard-copy nearby when questions come up or you're getting all excited and telling your spouse.

            I put together a Primal Eating Guide based on the knowledge in the book and on the information on the site. I found they complimented each other nicely and that some good information was in the book and some was on the site. Each emphasized different and important elements.

            I recommend buying the book(s) as well.
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              I held off on buying the book for a long time and used the website as my mian resource. At $15 I figured I should give a little back for all the great things I got from here. I also own the cookbook and use it quite often. I need to buy another copy of the book as I have loaned it out and it has never been returned to me.
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                Book first and foremost but I am somewhat old-fashioned. Without a guide star I think you can be misled here.
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                  I also did plenty of reading and interacting here, then bought the book in appreciation. It's a good read.
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                    imo, the book is well worth having. It organizes the information that you find here and allows you to put all the comments and discussions in perspective
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