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  • The Primal Blueprint on Kindle

    I still haven't bought The Primal Blueprint! I know - shame on me.

    I have every intention of buying it, but here's my problem:

    I don't buy physical books anymore because I move too often. I either buy them for my iPad (via the Kindle bookstore or via iBooks), or I get them from the library. There is a negative review on Amazon regarding the Kindle version of The Primal Blueprint - the review says that the book is poorly formatted, making it difficult to read.

    Did anyone else purchase the ebook version for their iPad? I want to be sure that it's easy to read and formatted nicely.

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    I have the Kindle version (as well as a few hard copies). The only formatting issue I have is the sidebar in the Introduction (CW vs. PB). Other than that, it seems fine to me
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      I had no problems reading the kindle version. I also have the cookbooks on my kindle, and love them!


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        What WinkBlu said - getting through that first section is a little annoying but beyond that it's fine.


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          Thanks for the replies - that's all I need to know. Will pickup the Kindle version ASAP!


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            I'm reading PB on my kindle android. It's no different formatting issues compared to other ebooks I've purchased on kindle/android. It's not perfect due to some icon/image, but no major issues reading it. Not enough to give it a negative review or make a big deal out of.


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              Read it and the cookbooks on my Kindle just fine. Some formatting issues, but nothing killer.
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                Thanks for the replies - that's all I need to know.